Ezekiel Elliott Holdout, Dallas Cowboys News, Updates & More Q&A

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  1. most of them don't know who they are they still think they are black like the crayon

  2. greedy agents and young minds don't mix very well we have a new generation of hip hop youngsters

  3. This guy is clueless about the business of sports. House NegroπŸ€”

  4. Great stream Law #Salute 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  5. Stephen Jones could single handlely mess this team up or save this team defending on the next move with the game of chess between him and Zeke… they all deserve their money however you got to find some wiggle room…

  6. Robert Quinn just went down with a fractured hand 😰

  7. I been saying pay Amari and Dak first. You win by throwing the ball, you run to stay ahead.

  8. I apologize for being rude to you in today's chat. I thought you were ignoring me for being a female. Regardless, I was rude and I'm sorry.

  9. If Dak,Zeke and Cooper get top 5 money and on top of D-Law contract, will Dallas be able to keep a competitive roster with that amount of money on the offense going forward, We already got a expensive Oline.

  10. Amari is getting paid more; can't compare Dak and Zeke. Zeke outplayed his contract. CBA deal is bad for RB's that sign a 4 yr ROOKIE deal once the deal is up teams(DALL) don't want to pay RB's now due to there expectancy in the NFL. Please stop comparing Dak & Zeke – two different position players/drafted 2 different rounds. Zeke outplayed his contract and deserves a new one OR his play will be abuse then let go like Murray. Dallas will be a failure w/out Zeke & Coop. Neither player need to prove anything

  11. This is what kills me….. What happened to playing for winning? i'm not saying that these guys shouldn't get paid, but the players need to understand there is a salary cap and it takes a TEAM effort to win. Emphasis on "TEAM"!!! Go out and win the Superbowl and the rest of the money will come.

    What are you without a ring? just another player with stats that hasn't won anything worthwhile……..

  12. Zeke has some pressure and Stephen is NOT Jerrah! Even his teammates feel bad FOR HIM.

  13. Without the cap we would turn into the NBA.

  14. How did Shannon ever make it all these years and NOT get the hook for the crackpipe.

  15. Cowboys could literally sell shirts with their signature on it and make money. Sell their drawers and make money lol what they need to do is keep compensation quiet. Period. Just like they do in the real world. Then their would be none of this bullshit each franchise sets their own price for their players.

  16. Fear the beard!!!! Let’s go cowboys 12-4 season

  17. I hope zeke stay out so we can low ball dak….

  18. Exactly everyone is out for themselves instead of the team. LB F'd up the league.

  19. And remember. Your listening to nothing but the best.

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