1. Excellent work as always 👌🏾

  2. Cooper Rush was looking nice

  3. I just did a breakdown video of the Dallas Cowboys I would love to get some opinions from Cowboys fans. https://youtu.be/FFP4uPxx_UM

  4. Looking so much better than this time last year.

  5. Law you think Cedric’s going to make the team? He looks like he bulked up a little hand we’re magnets in college. Weber looking like lil zeke

  6. Awesome stuff your the man law

  7. Anticipation it’s whats Dak needs to practice on

  8. Ill be back on Sunday for Blue/White would love to say what’s up…

  9. Jordan chunn is the best running back behind zeke💯

  10. How you rookie playing football since pop Warner. Only difference on a new team learning the scheme

  11. Law Nation who looking good to you?

  12. You killing it on the coverage law nation!

  13. You guys ever think that we are sabotaging our own team by putting film up on them? I see a handful of Cowboys content creators dry snitching on our new offense… which looks good by the way but I know that because I went to camp and didn't film everything and put it up for other teams to potentially scout. I try to find Eagles training camp tape from fans or whatever and nothing! I look for patriots practicing…nothing! You ever think about that? If I was a scout for another team I'd be real appreciative of this intel

  14. Hey bro. Just wondering if you've noticed whether George iloka has done anything at all to stand out in pads

  15. You're going to play like you practice dak needs to speed up the process he still taking too long….hes building trainings scars

  16. Much better on the recording and screen not being tied up with the all the other junk good job brother

  17. @8:45 Damn Quinn with the Crosschop??? Him and Dlaw bout to go Offf🔥🔥🔥

  18. I wonder what those building are.. but imagine if there apartments and watching the practice all the time from your living room

  19. You taking about Weber isn't the fastest guy,but he ran the same 40 time as Zeke… Don't sleep on him.

  20. You are now listening to NOTHING BUT THE BEST…….

  21. Personally I would take that Zeke contract and present it to Jaylin Smith's people. Had Jaylin not been injured….I could honestly say we may have passed on Zeke for him. I LOVE Zeke…but he is an idiot off the field….and he is a druggie…so his body will be breaking down soon….I say if he wants out…move him….but DO NOT RESET THE MARKET on him!! He is not accountable.

  22. 15:03 i hated doing those in high school 😂.

  23. It really kills me tht NOAH BROWN not our TE

  24. Pay Zeke you hypocrites, to hell with the idea of using a player up and no compensation .

  25. I like how coach Richard was running with the secondary!

  26. Thanks for the upload brotha! GO COWBOYS

  27. Good training camp everyone looking fresh and ready thats most important

  28. What number is Pollard in?

  29. You gotta do a video on first take. Stephen A Smith killed DeAngelo Williams today.

  30. Heathe always getting picks yet everybody wants to hate on him. He got a pick today in this video. I'm just not understanding the hate!

  31. What I liked more about the play at 9:25 with Cooper is when Richard ran right over to I think it was Lewis and started teaching and correcting. Having a hands on coach like him is great for the team.

  32. Not seeing nearly as much shoulder in dak's mechanics as we used to. Shoutout John Kitna


  34. Who is the biggest wild card as a receiver right now behind Coop, Cobb and Gallup?

  35. Thanks for watching!!!!

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