We got to know nothing is going to be given to us – Ezekiel Elliott | The Dallas Cowboys

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  1. Riddle me this? How come when the Rams loss, to eagles nothing was said? How come when the seahawks loss the 49ers!!! Yes! The 49ers! Nothing was made of it! And the so called high powdered offense of the saints only got 12 points! That's 4 field goals!!! Nothing was said! These bitchies!!!! Are so bias against the Cowboy's Helen Keller could see it!!!! And the ass sniffing Ref's are just as bad ! We get about 10 holding calls a game. The opposing team? Maybe 2. Fuck hoedell and his refs!!! And the NFL!!!

  2. 4head power!!😂🤣😂🤣😂 he got the whole world in his 4head

  3. Well, According to teamrankings.com/nfl/, Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ranked #24 with a Rating of -2.4 and the have a 0.0% Chance of getting to the Playoffs even Win A Super Bowl

  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Dallas Cowboys Week 16 in AT&T Stadium and Us Fans have to MAKE SOME NOISE and raise it a few DECIBELS like the 12th Man in The Seattle Seahawks Stadium.

  5. We'll see. Lots will be exposed this next game….good and bad!

  6. Rofl, "Stephen A. Smith and his forehead powers."

  7. Law your the man, love your channel, content, thought process and your dedication to the Cowboys, it's players and most of all the Cowboys Nation.

  8. Greetings Law. I just need JJ and SJ to wake up and smell the coffee. Jason Garrett and Scott Lameihan aren't good for Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott nor Amari Cooper. I believe that Kris Richard and Rod Marinelli with more talent added to the defense will be fine. Coaching is a big problem for us and that's a fact. Fix that JJ and SJ.

  9. What's up law love your content

  10. In the words of my old coach; Just shut the fuck up and play, play the fuck up and win.

  11. Dallas Cowboys are going win this weekend.

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