Dallas Cowboys Xavier Woods vs Carson Wentz & Alshon Jeffery

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  1. @ 3:06 if Kerry Hyder would’ve dropped his right shoulder and ripped upward with his right arm he would’ve most likely got past the tackle or forced a holding penalty on the tackle. Good get off though 👍🏼

  2. Heard Eagle and Cowboys fan screaming eagles suck.

  3. Xavier "Lay that wood" Woods
    He brings it for sure
    I only wish we had his identical twin out there with him at SS


  4. They have to give don wilson a chance.

  5. Nice channel bro 👍🏼

  6. IT STARTS UP FRONT. Best defensive call against that offensive look.

  7. If we would just get Donovan Wilson out there with Woods, not only would Woods game improve, but our secondary as a whole would improve…..specifically in turnovers.

  8. I like Xavier Woods. He needs to be more consistent though.

  9. I love Xavier bring the Woods… remember his rookie season he played a whole lot of slot CB he's quick smart and aggressive… I think Thompson number 23 he's a sleeper good size 6 '2 2 10

  10. The Refs ain't shit on a STICK. They know good and damn well, that hit was legal. I hope Woods picks it up, and starts smashing wide outs. Put them on notice.

  11. The last four drafts have to be one of the top draft classes in the league. Maybe even 5 drafts. The Jones’ have done well putting this team together to where Jason can be the “Barry Switzer” of this era winning with Jimmy’s team.

  12. I was waiting for that false start. ???

  13. Praise God we don’t have dirty players, they are aggressive and should continue the aggressiveness, keep getting after all QB’s and give our QB maximum protection… I’m serious , we keep playing like this we are going to win the Super Bowl. The teams confidence is stronger and stronger, keep building , keep complimenting each other Do Not feed into negative social media or any negative keep your focus Cowboys you bout to win this thing!

  14. Look like a text book hit

  15. Law Nation do some analysis on Sean Lee. The dude was leading tackler this night. That was interesting. Just saying. Great takes on 2.5. Also.

  16. Lewis needs to replace anthony brown for sure. Hes better than brown and awuzie in my opinion. Knows how to locate the ball better and more athletic

  17. Ready to buy #25 jersey

  18. #50 is back love me some Lee❤️ I wore his jersey for prime time

  19. Awuzie needs to move to safety and draft a corner…he and woods would be a gd combo

  20. Lewis played lights out! Didn’t see us get beat in the slot once

  21. We found a 10 year starter in round 6, possibly a perennial pro bowler…

  22. The defense is learning to play in the system and Like Chris said the TOs will come! Great insight @lawnation

  23. Its something to watch when the play calling is correct. No team can compete with us if it is done as so. Keeps the zebras at check as well. Someone else was calling these plays those last three games. Can someone say GARRET?

  24. Your right Carsons is just a dumper and dinker. Never has Dak been that

  25. This is your best video highlight woods more he has Ed reed potential
    Also highlight how heath gets exposed on 3rd down or passing situations if we fix that were undefeated

  26. Earl Thomas potential

  27. Give me 2 woods and minus a heath

  28. Stop rewinding so much

  29. I loved that personal foul on alshon it sent a message to the eagles no easy catches we will knock you the fuk out

  30. Hate this hitting a defense less receiver bullshit!! What was Xavier Woods supposed to do, he didn't lead with his helmet, so just more bullshit rules set by Goodell and his flunkies to make the game less violent. Violence in the NFL is what got me interested in the game in the first place and now I won't be surprised if they make the players wear skirts on the field, just ridiculous Smh.

  31. Hopefully he can keep it up and turn into our playmaker back there

  32. Awesome breakdown Law. Good stuff here. Rashard, I didn't know he gets pissed and ma nipple ates all 11 on D! Key word nipples! :-)))
    You bringing out the I'll show you, and ok, try and stop this from our D. I love every bit too… Our coaches have their collective heads on right, and it's about time. Great bye week. Giants don't have a chance. Quinn and DLaw will get 3 sacks. Which one gets 2?? Hmmm!… Just another win? I hope not. The learning, experience and longevity of winning on the road fosters more wins. Love this game. Love this channel!!!

  33. Was picking off balls all through training camp. Hope he keeps it up..

  34. Still think we need to pair him up with the rook d wilson. Or maybe Jamaal Adams. Trade byron jones and anthony Brown. Call up Donavan olumba to play corner and have j lewis man up one side opposite chido…

  35. I like our Secondary alot better when Woods, Lewis, Chido & Byron are back there. Brown needs to go!

  36. Keep up the good work LAW….Salute…

  37. He’s perfect. He’s growing and I’m cool with it

  38. That was helmet to helmet. Penalty. Look at slow motion.

  39. defense played great

  40. You can get hurt in the Woods. LOL love it

  41. He needs hit that trigger once he sees the play

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