Where are the Dallas Cowboys? How do they stack up against the NFC?

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  1. More Jourdan Lewis the better. That guy just makes plays. Loved the call to bring him on the cornerback blitz last game. I hope they keep up the aggressive play calling and let that young man loose! Play calling like that and the Cowboys will compete with any team this year. Go back to conservative Garrett crap and we’ll miss the playoffs.

  2. Hey Law, how many times has the Cowboys been called for offensive PI? Seems like Goddell paying these refs to screw with Cowboys. RIDICULOUS. REFS ARE HAVING A BAD YEAR ACROSS THE LEAGUE! NFL needs to hold these refs accountable for game changing bad calls! Worst calls in years!

  3. Eagles gonna get smacked by the bills

  4. I believe will still need a defensive lineman & a TE🤔

  5. Only team i fear is the Saints! Although Garrett can’t beat the Fudgepackers🤷‍♂️

  6. Top of the food chain. Every one else is food.

  7. Everybody healthy after bye. But they played at 85 %! Thank you Tyron. You got beat a couple times but it showed we needed you. You got an A…
    #27 Oh HELL YES!!! Turnover Pop tarts with teeth!
    I promise you Law, we running away with the division by SWEEPING IT…..
    Take note opposing BITCHES! We got a lot more to prove. 10 and 6, or 11… One playoff game at home. 2 playoffs road… Victoria's secret. NFC championship baby… On the road sweetier than a home loss!!!
    Winning the Superbowl is 40% though!. I'm a realist Bros…

  8. I am happy when the Cowboys win because I know its not about the team! But rather the organization! However, not to sound so negative but to keep things in perspective! This league appears rigged! Reported it a long time ago! Ppl think I am crazy🤪 eye test tells us this! But we act as if we are blind🥺🥺🥺🥺 win one lose two not going to get it done! For the Cowboys must catch fire approved by league officials and politicians for after 15 plus years pass still no more Superbowls to claim! Fans and followers are tired of the disappointments and letdowns! Fans want a Superbowl even with the players they ( Cowboys) have plus a returning older player smells the title near! Lets go! NFL commissioner and Jerry Jones bring us what we want? A title! 2019 NFL Superbowl Champions Dallas Cowboys

  9. More games like that, we're gonna be tough to beat ANYWHERE.

  10. Aaron Rogers put him on Madden cover. Oh Yeah

  11. What's crazy is the Saints are doing this without Drew Breeze

  12. Do you guys know that Dak Prescott has beaten Carson Wentz 4-1? And beat him in College, but they always seem to say Carson Wentz is a better Quarterback than Prescott. Oh yeah the Cowboys should have beat the Jets, I’m still upset about that!!!

  13. How about put all the refs on the cover. Maybe the curse will make them call THE RIGHT CALL

  14. We doing this again let's win a few games in a row against good teams let's not act like raiders fans I game at a time we still have jerry jones and Garrett ruining I mean running the team go COWBOYS

  15. I know since we got copper we are 7 and 0 in our division

  16. Yeah its McCaffrey

  17. We have to start thinking about beating the rest of the NFC teams on our schedule Law. We need tie breakers and we've already lost tie breakers to the Saints and the Packers.

  18. We stack up against anyone
    Talent wise
    Coaching wise we are outclassed

  19. Roger Goodell is the worse.
    Plus he is a hater.

  20. When the Cowboys take care of the football and maximize what's there to be had they are tough to beat! PFT

  21. ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

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