The Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints | Live Reactions POST Game part I

The Dallas Cowboys head into New Orleans to face their biggest test of the young season when they take on the Saints in a rematch of last season’s 13-9 …


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  1. We keep running the same offense. Dak doesn’t have the Romo ability to audible therefore we keep running into traps….. Tyrone looks like a Robot with all those braces. Jason Garrett sounds like both of the Jones’s in a room arguing with each other. Through it all I remain true to my team…..#DallasCowboys

  2. This what happens when you put a team against A REAL team. Saints put the law and steel in the Cowgirls.
    wE DeM BoYs

  3. It was a whole Dallas Cowboys team effort that we took that (#L) Dak miss a TD to Cobb, Dak also took a sack. Cobb miss on another catch play. Amari Cooper had two offensive pass interferences. Zeke was called for a fumble & Witten had a fumble. It's alright it's our first lost we just have to correct on them mistakes. Move forward & just play our A game & bring that weekly. Nevertheless Go #Cowboys 3-1

  4. You punch them first in their house! We were prime for the win! Just not our time to win at NO this year, maybe we will have a rematch in the NFC championship game! If so we will have the revenge factor! We got this as long our interior line of the DLine and Oline needs to hold their own! If not we will be having the same issues as we did vs Rams, n now the Saints! Thanks Law, Yong

  5. Gotta stop blaming the refs. Take it from us it doesn’t work. No one outside of your fan base cares.

  6. Law,I have been saying this for years!!A team plays to the character of its coach..Garrett doesn't have that "Killer" mentality. Our defense has it because of Riscard..but Garrett plays conservative and soft.

  7. Cowboys are overrated….A good team finds a way to win that game…One FG could've done it….

  8. I think they tried to run too much…didn't mix it up. It's almost like they knew what we were doing.

  9. All the hype after the Cowgirls beat 3 high school teams. (Washington, Giants, and Dolphins). And they can t beat a Saints team with a backup QB.. Gotta love it..

  10. New Orleans can thank the ref's.

  11. Zeke fumble the difference. T. Smith injury?

  12. The Dallas Cowboys will always it never fails it get your hopes up and then they break your heart that's my Dallas Cowboys

  13. Yea that was crazy he play a full series in every game we played this year but not this game

  14. Same old Dallas offense Scott Linehan was in the house yesterday

  15. We lost the game I smashed a few beers and went to the bar with my( COWBOYS GEAR) took it like a man/true die hard fan that I am how many of you whinny bitches can say the same 🤔🖕

  16. The real dak showed up against the first real defense we played!!! Dak suck

  17. I told y’all Zeke didn’t deserve that money what happen to tony pollard . I thought the defense played well. The offense couldn’t do anything.

  18. Just a fair opinion between the two fumbles right between both sides can we get a good education opinion? because when I saw bridgewaters down than elliots, I saw the strip was a split second strip before the elbow hit the ground, then As bridgewater was down the hit with j smith was after he was down. Am I wrong that this happened and why the refs called the way they did or no?

  19. We need the offense to get better

  20. How ironic and hypocritical when the same Cowboys fans who criticized Saints fans for complaining about the refs are doing the same thing tonight.

  21. Everytime Dallas faces a tough opponent who does well and take away the run, why can't dak do more to show he can carry the team? Deshaun Watson has a worse o-line than dak and he put the fear of GOD in the saints in week1 in the superdome, and that was the saints with Drew Brees. At some point Dak has to show he's special and can lead the team to victory against a quality opponent even when the run game isn't going.

  22. The game plan and play calling had Jason Garrett s finger prints all over it

  23. missed the live game and just watched the highlights…tight game.
    well played saints you managed to beat us.

  24. Hoe money pay no to win this game to jerry jones?

  25. Ydo you look at their faces of dallas? They knew that the game was lost

  26. Dallas was playing like tochito kids

  27. The match was sold. the cowboys played thinking that it was tochito. There are bets and lots of money in between. dallas knew that he had to let himself win looked on their faces

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  28. Not good not good at all

  29. You are who we thought you are…

  30. JASON I thought you threw out SCOTT LINEHAN's PLAYBOOK? WTF!

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