The Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints | Live Reactions

The Dallas Cowboys head into New Orleans to face their biggest test of the young season when they take on the Saints in a rematch of last season’s 13-9 …


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  1. Aye @LawNation give me a Collins video bro he was doing a decent job on Jordan last night

  2. The match was sold. the cowboys played thinking that it was tochito. There are bets and lots of money in between. dallas knew that he had to let himself win looked on their faces

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  3. Wonder what's going on with Dlaw he gets paid & sacks aren't coming at the same pace now. He really getting that much attention? Or he just not winning the one on ones? Another thing is OL how's our blocking?

  4. When you check the box score it will look like the defense played well. They allowed the Saints to possess the ball not giving the offense enough cracks to get in a rythym. Fumblrs didn't help either. I think this game gets Garrett fired for sure.

  5. When did we get Scott Linehan back? This offensive gameplay was complete trash and looked just like last year. But a lot of sus calls. Refs were scared of those saints fans and being called out. Who calls offensive pass interference the whole game? Come on. Zeke didn’t even fumble! Omg I’m livid

  6. Coop definitely did not look 100% out there…….

  7. U need to commentate what u c. U SUCK DUDE

  8. Haha play calling is always suspect lol. That's your excuse, nah its rich overpaid players don't want to play, score or get hurt. They get paid win or lose

  9. Sloppy game. Stupid stupid repetitive play calling.
    Zeke gets one yard
    Kellen Moore: "Do it again."

  10. The NFL is rigged. Stop it with a ref they are 11-1 with. Stop it. DBs grabbing all game

  11. What a fucking shit show why am I not surprised

  12. You got 38thousand plus Subs and only 23 are watching your live Bro🤷🏾‍♀️

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