Dak Prescott Shows Elite Talent vs The Washington Redskins | Film Breakdown

“Anybody can do that” The momentum shift as the 51-yard touchdown from Prescott to wideout Devin Smith. While the Smith touchdown was the pivotal point at …


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  1. Thanks you all for watching!!! "Anybody can do that"

    The momentum shift as the 51-yard touchdown from Prescott to wideout Devin Smith.

    While the Smith touchdown was the pivotal point at which the Redskins began to lose control, it wasn't until Prescott rattled off a career-long 42-yard run that it was clear the Cowboys would likely win the game. That play also occurred in the second quarter, and only minutes after the touchdown bomb to Smith. It broke that particular drive wide open, and Prescott capped it off with a touchdown to Jason Witten. #DC4L Salute!!!!!

  2. Josh Norman felt every piece of that lavish stiff arm! KIRKPATRICK!!!🤣😂🤣

  3. Dak looks so confident and seems to be loving this offense,and as far as someone stepping in for Gallup,Devin Smith,his time is now,this kid was a highly touted 1st Rd pick with all the skills.but injuries halted a promising career,but now a healthy ,hungry and determined Smith is ready to show the NFL he is for real

  4. Dak will get $122 million by next week or the week after that is fair and that's Dak.

  5. Miami at Dallas next,,,

  6. That was a Cover 4 not Tampa 2

  7. Whats up Law great film session I think Dak’s great ball placement is due to his deliberate foot work Shot out to John Kitna

  8. Dak fakes the all 22

  9. Lets keep the momentum and LET THE GOOD TIME ROLL.



  12. I wanna see a pregame speech similar to Keith brooking with that tashard choice energy from the players. "And when they're barely hangin on" bruh that energy!

  13. The Dak vs Wentz is looking crystal clear right now. They've been neck n neck for the most part. Wentz with a lot of yards and td. Dak with a few less td but way more rushing td. The one thing Dak is waaaaay better at, winning. Clutch games, Dak will take that last drive to the house. Wentz will not. From Detroit as a rookie to last week vs the falcons. When the pressure is on, Wentz is throwing high. Dak is the better qb. Idc what round who was in. Winssss, qbr, roty, clutch. Dak is just better. Best qb in the class and his contract bout to show them.

  14. Dak been on another level since last year.

  15. My take all on is that Dak Prescott has the elite gene
    That it was only a matter of time before he wouldn't be denied

    Mr Kellen has solidified who Prescott is
    Along with Jon Kitna who ironed out the kinks and wrinkles

    Man on 🔥
    Let it Rayne, let it Rayne, let it Rayne

    ☮️ Peace out Law

  16. When witten got that td pass. Had dak threw to 89 that defender could have jumped and batted or picked. Witten will have 200 yards and 15td by end of season 😂

  17. Gallup is slow at first.

  18. Cram!!!
    3rd down efficiency on both sides of the ball √ ¥.
    Get out of your end zone and play field position.
    Get close enough for field goal every possession!!!
    And of course ultimately get them TDS.
    Defense! Get off the field in 3 plays to finish off their defense before they stop panting like scurvy digs . That's it… 3rd down efficiency. We can win 9 to 6, or 48 to 10. I don't care. Get the ring by bad call. I don't care
    We would've had 4 in a row but Eric Williams had to get DWI and broken leg after 2nd in a row. Merton Hanks benefited from that. Get the ring, then defend it! Ok? Good!!!
    Sorry for the short message?


  20. Refreshing love it total control like Troy and the boys

  21. With Gallup & Woods out 4-6 weeks atleast we have Robert Quinn coming back. Devin Smith is the next man up ! We still have Dak, Cooper, Cobb, Austin, Witten, Jarwin, Polard, Zeke & our O-Line GO #COWBOYS

  22. Cowboys gonna win the SB championship game this season

  23. Dak was telling Michael to let Norman through so I can give him this stiff arm

  24. Everyone knows it takes a TEAM to win games it's a collective partnership between brothers on the field!
    The issue is all these critics out there are Wentz this Wentz that which makes things personal for Dak. Yes… Dak has a chip on his shoulder and he feels like he's got something to prove each and every time he's on the field and I love it!
    Haters keep doubting… Dak is growing right before our eyes.

  25. I love what I'm seeing from this offence, Kellen has them moving all the time making the D be un-balance and shifting all the time. Let's keep this up boys GO COWBOYS!!! PAY DAK!!..

  26. Tony Baker stiff arm lmao… Cram!!!!!

  27. I like Dak from the beginning and now that Moore has opened up this offense going down the field skies the limit 🏈 We Dem Boys

  28. Loving everything about this offense. Dak is who I always thought he was, which is a great qb, that's getting better by the day. Kellen Moore is doing a great job with the offensive game planning and playcalling. I'm just gonna call Kitna the QB WHISPERER. By the way, Tony Baker is a fool! Be having me cracking up.

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