Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants | Post Game Reactions

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  1. Law, you brought me back to cowboy nation, I love your platform. I was about to protest and ignore the boys last year but I couldn’t stop watching your show with knowledge and understanding of the game. I’ve learn more football because of you. Keep it going.

  2. Let's go Dak is going to make everyone eat they words

  3. Law what I tell you kinfolk . This is that year Dak shut up a lot of the haters. Tha man was flawless THATS MY QB

  4. Was not expecting Dak to come out like that. New offensive coordinator Moore let it fly. Opened up the playbook and the boys came through.

  5. Boyyyyy I’m so impressed by the improvements to my Dallas Cowboys that I almost cried after the first play I seen… Man the hate been so real all summer and it’s that time…#CowboysNationnnn

  6. Been bleeding silver n blue since the switzer bowl as an 8 yr old kid…this team is something. plenty of work and battle ahead one game at a time COWBOYS.

  7. We were plays away from winning ball games . With theses new weapons cobb, copper, Gallup , Austin, written, the road to the super begins . Cowboys nation

  8. The Eagles are not seeing the same schemes, you have to mix it up, by getting QB and running backs input and then you drill on techniques and ball management and go over play by play and know your assignments and that's football 101…

  9. So to me it sounded like according to Mickey's logic, the cowboys would have been just fine with Scott as the DC still.

  10. Is it just me, or did it sound like Mickey was throwing a lot of shade Kellen's way.

  11. Clean up defense and we will be scary

  12. Ruined a good video with that garbage music and song played at the beginning. Thumbs down chimpy

  13. Law Nation has the BEST intro music. hands down. Enjoy watching the "experts" backpedaling tomorrow

  14. Law πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™awesome start to the season #MyQB DCF4L

  15. Our run D is a joke,a soft Giants O Line dominated our big bad D line 17 -152 yds and our OLine ,when it came to the run game got pushed back most of the time ,it was a great win Dak was great,Gallup was amazing but I'm disappointed in this run D and O Line,,, hopefully it's gonna improve

  16. Liked everything about the game they played EXCEPT the last few minutes. Playing not to lose and the defense fell asleep. Drives me up the
    friggin' wall!! I don't care if they're up by 40 with 2 minutes to go…just poor. Everyone knew the Giants were going to lose – except
    the Giants. Pathetic.

  17. "You better play the run, when you're playing this team." – My Quarterback after throwing for 400+ yards in ~3 quarters

  18. Outstanding 🏈 game…DC4L πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜!!!

  19. Megatron and Dez hid the fact that Linehan plays stunk. If you dont have a wide receiver making highlight catches down the field.. it didn't work. Everything was long…or check downs. You see what happens when you run runs and slants. Now….You can go down the field . Moore…MVP

  20. Yo Dak Week 17 Against Giants was 455 yards 4 TDs. this Games 405 yards 4 TDs 860 Yards 8 Pass TDs 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  21. DeSean Jackson saved the Eagles.

  22. This team Playing this good offensively so soon into the season should make every one scared Cuz we anit even clicking yet like you see Week 6 and beyond

  23. The MVP trophy goes to Jon Kitna

  24. Shannon Sharpe is in trouble….cant wait to hear the hate tomorrow

  25. It's a cowboy party keep on partying right to the Super Bowl

  26. Daks mechanics tonight were on point. He was stepping into every throw. Ball was spinning in tight spirals. His throws had velocity. This was a hell of a breakout.

  27. Law…Cobb is a grown ass man…dude is ferocious…Cowboys look scary tonight…Have to admit…the Giants are pitiful from my POV…but I like what I saw today…we’re progressing as a team in all facets of the game…Hats off to Kellen Moore fa sho. We know the critics going to critique and the haters going to hate…but the Cowboy Nation going to ride this train till the wheels fall off. Love your show Law.

  28. I said 35 to 21 but I got the 35 right.

  29. Lets face it im a cowboys fan and its pretty obvious that the eagles are concerned about dallas

  30. Jeff heath looked good I thought

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