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This is a late upload from just before the Cowboys season opener against the Giants. If you’re interested in watching, here it is. If not, move along.


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. lol. Zeke bandwagoners are so funny.

    Dak is the most important player on the team, not a greedy, selfish, spiteful player.

    Dak was drafted to learn behind Romo for 2-3 years to be a passer in Romo's offense.

    But Dak got Scott Linehan and his crap predictable Zeke reliant offense.

    The 2019 Cowboys offense never needed Zeke. This is not Scott Linehan's crap Zeke reliant offense.

    Dak is finally getting the coaching he should have had for the last 3 years.

    JJ should have traded that goofy #21 or at least played the first 3 games with a RBBC with Pollard, Chunn, Weber/Morris & Olawale …. to clearly show the 2019 Cowboys don't need a rushing chanmpion to win a SB.

    Now Dak is going to demand a fully guaranteed top 5 contract as he is shows it was always him that the team needed, not Zeke.

    The 2016 Cowboys are not making the playoffs with Zeke & Sanchez at QB.

    The 2019 Cowboys are not making the SB with Zeke & Cooper Rush.

    It was always Dak, but you clowns jumped on Zeke's bandwagon in 2016.

  2. Lol who is the guy who didn’t know MCF or DDP get that guy a manual he’s lost!!!

  3. Law Nation got that Jim Harden beard in the works lol

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