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  1. Facts bro especially with people saying we going to the super bowl people say that every year. Let’s play these games one at a time.

  2. Totally agree with you, man. I never look at the power ratings. Take it one game at a time. Dallas is looking good.

  3. Can you explain to me how does a franchise quarterback with no contract. Dak Prescott has a lot of accolades.but it's misleading cuz it's the Zeke you'll Elliott effect! Ownership don't believe in them but they have to stay face with the media because actions speak louder than words and he still unsigned.the league know it's about the Dallas Cowboys defense and Zeke Elliott

  4. Yep the Eagles did beat us in 2017. Oh yes the QB that won isn't on the Eagles anymore, Nick Foles.

  5. Good point law about that team that has an easy path to the playoffs every year

  6. When it comes to the NFL analysis shows on ESPN, NFL Network, and so on. It's best to just ignore them wholesale. I did this a couple years ago. And glad I did. These power rankings mean nothing. let's leave that for College Football where it belongs. I guarantee the Washington Redskins are not looking at power rankings. Right now they are salivating at our run defense(or lack there of). This is still a sore spot exposed by the Rams last January. And that spot remains. And given the grass field/slower track, the Redskins are surely planning on grinding it out old school. Running early and often. This neutralizes the pass rush. And the Play-Action becomes a deadly weapon. The Cowboys offense needs to counter this by answering in kind. Zeke and Pollard need to be the focal point. The OL will be the deciding factor in this one. If they do their job Dak and the Offense should match the Skins drive for drive. I see a back and forth struggle going down to the last possession. Likely decided by a kick. If we can take this, we are looking good. We would be 2-0 with both wins in conference/division. Nothing to do but do it. COWBOYS

  7. Nobody knows what a team will be until the game starts, its the NFL they always say any given Sunday and Divisions games are the hardest games to win

  8. You got the knowledge LAW. And you rub a couple elbows with behind the scenes. I trust you. Tman!!

  9. I agree with you. Power rankings are just there for entertainment. The pats play poor teams in there division twice not fair but it is what it is. The season is like a pizza pie. You have to eat one slice at a time. Our next slice is the “Dead”skins. Royzeus from Thornton Colorado

  10. Tell the truth Law Nation.
    Beat the Redskins. My WDC homies are geared up and their confidence is high.

  11. Congratulations Dak NFC offensive player of the week.

  12. You right because we are number 1 no matter what. Go cowboys!

  13. I'd like high rush and high passing yards against those Redskins

  14. Lamar Jackson gets praise for stomping the Dolphins in week 1. Watch the Pats get praise for stomping the Dolphins in week 2. Watch the excuses when the Cowboys stomp the Dolphins in week 3. Every Cowboys fan should be used to the bias and know how to ignore it by now.

  15. I agree, Law. Power rankings are little more than fortune-telling nonsense…

  16. Deadskins got a good front four but a very weak secondary. Josh Gordon is old and slow, cant keep up with Cooper & Gallup

  17. New England has NEVER had competition in their division during this run. 6 easy wins a year pretty much guaranteed. Anyone STILL hating on Dak means you're melanin hating.

  18. Speak that true truth Law.

  19. Only one thing matters is (Where in it, Too Win it) . DCFN stay in our lane

  20. Keep it real brother. We just got to keep proving the haters wrong 1 week at a time.

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