Dallas Cowboys Expectations vs Washington Redskins Week 2 ✔️

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins The OVER has hit in four of the last five games involving the Cowboys. The Cowboys have matched up well against …


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  1. Like Romans is lawyer speak for the Bible, Law Nation is top shelf pep rally for our Beloved Cowboys!
    Music got me really going! I'm here every day. Bringing money soon bro.
    I want to watch this game with you. Tman!…..

  2. That hype music is fire ijs

  3. Seek and Destroy Cowboys Nation baby

  4. Think about this how much of a factor will AP be if the cowboys jump out to a significant lead early and the redskins fail to slow the cowboys offense down at all

  5. Don't take them lightly.but the boys will still win

  6. Kris Richard calls the plays Rob is still the OC

  7. Never take feet off gas

  8. Cowboys have start out fast against Washington on Sunday

  9. We are wearing blue Sunday @ 11AM Mountain time.

  10. 😴😴😴😴😴😴🏈🏈😴😴🏈🏈🏈😴😴😴🏈🏈😴😴😂😂😂😂😓😂

  11. Law, I'm taking this "1" game at a time. I don't wanna be the favorite to win it this year and so forth and so on. I want teams to sleep on us and literally write us off…..why? You ask, bc as soon as they turn around, we re 10 games into the season and at least 9 and 1! Who knows, with the way we re playing ….UNDEFEATED! GOING STRONG INTO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!

  12. Thank you all for watching!!! I really appreciate the support!!! #DC4L Salute!!!!

  13. remember that from last year at FedEx field when Prescott through that 60 yrd bomb to rookie Michael Gallup that was the emergence of Gallup right then of course Cowboys Nation knew that😎

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