I really don’t see Zeke holding out the entire year! Also S/O To Donovan Wilson!!!

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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Media morons all over on NFL network and ESPN talking about the Cowboys Offense but ignoring a Defense that's Even more loaded then the 2018 Squad in 2019

  2. hey bro I hardly sleep at all to bro especially with the season coming LOL but heck yeah Donovan Wilson's the man in that area I seen it when I started looking at the tapes he's aggressive he tackles very well and he's got a little attitude that's what we need he will fit right in whether they start him or not we will see but I'm super pumped about this team with or without Zeke I like Pollard to we got some good rookies!

  3. Pollard reminds me of Joseph Randle

  4. Law I’m with you on this fantasy football cause all my picks would be all Cowboys players 😂😂

  5. Good point Law. (Re: Dickerson and Faulk). Emmitt should be the one to do that. He went through the same thing with Jerrah.

  6. I don't get why Zeke doesn't take the current offer. Its a crazy good deal for him. All he cares about is the "highest paid" tag. For what? These tags won't even last a year in today's era. Melvin Gordon will get paid, Alvin Kamara will get paid, eventually Barkley will get paid… where is the point?

  7. It feels like where never gonna we zeke in blue and silver again 🙁

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