Are The Dallas Cowboys Most Underrated Playoff Team? | Law's Review

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  1. No… if the Titans make the playoffs, they will be the most underrated playoff team.

  2. Tyron been hurting us by his play, bench him, leave Sean out another game let him ice dat Hammy let's go head first strong into the playoffs! Give Zeke 4 series let his fluids start rolling then shut him down after 4 series!!

  3. I can't wait till we make it to the NFC championship so People can stop saying "one and done" So annoying

  4. Cowboys will win the Superbowl 2 years our less book it we got the pieces . Get a new OC replace TY Smith. Hopefully Travis Freed gets back next year healthy also get a TE for Dak and a Safety hopefully Earl Thomas.

  5. That being said on the shoulder shrug, you can see it in Dak. He does it every now and then, he got it from Tony lol. Hopefully Dak can get better with it

  6. Zeke leads the NFL in rushing and average more rushing yards for the last 3 seasons than any running back in the nfl cowboys line must be doing something right Dak will be alright in due time. He is a leader of man and a winner he will take the cowboys to the super bowl and win it might not be this year but he will do it #GO COWBOYS when I die bury me in silver and blue

  7. I hope the Boyz shut these clueless media personalities the hell up this postseason. I’m confused why they never mention Linehan when they speak of the poor performance of the offense

  8. The line hasn’t been the same since Travis Frederick has been out. Not Ronald Leary

  9. Tony g stil hating because jason witten is better lolll

  10. 1# my team. Cowboys

  11. Great show law, can't wait for the game have a great day DC4L

  12. We want every single bit of smoke

  13. 100% Ronald Leary left a hole don’t know why they didn’t give him a contract

  14. Law, I LIKE Your videos With that being said, Us as Fans have to cease from being "BANDWAGON FANS" meaning We jump onto The Dallas Cowboys Bandwagon then when they Lose the game, We end up having DOUBTS and start CONTEMPLATING whether they're going to Win or Not.

  15. Whatz Up Law, Well Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan has to be Balanced on Offense 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 Personnel

    ⏩Play-Action Pass

    ⏩WR Reverses and Sweeps

    ⏩Read Option

    ⏩RPO (Run-Pass Option)

    So on and so forth.

  16. Ron Leary to me was our best lineman in 2016

  17. I understand the Antonio Browns and the Julio Jones of the world will have off days where they don’t get many catches but we have got to get the ball in Amari’s hands . Hopefully Tavon will start ballin’ when he gets back.

  18. Cowboys need to win here and play as a whole so that way they all clicking together for the following game … take it one game at a time

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