"important for us to continue to try to run the ball." – Jason Garrett on the Cowboys'


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  1. so we have to replace him with someone better right? Who is that guy?

  2. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  3. JG obviously has some real dirt on Jerry or the upper heads in the org.

  4. I've not bought into the Jones's hype nor stock in the 🌕 cheese-moon

    You're dead on point here Law Nation

    Madd respect bro


  5. What a joke as a head coach the owners puppet pay me 3 million i will be his puppet

  6. His tone
    His body language
    His demeanor all are indicative of a HC who KNOWS he laid an egg

    He passively defended and avoided his normal meticulous explanations of post game questions/critiquing

    The reporters were relentlessly serious and direct
    And on point

    I've no longer any trust in the man as a game manager
    It's not like I had tons of it going into this game

    He affirms my doubts I did ward off all off-season and preseason

    Even if we win out from here and fall short of a SB berth,,,,
    Concerning HC Jason Garret,,,,
    ,,,,,,,,I'm out

    ☮️ Peace

  7. In the Words of Shannon Sharpe..
    "Garret Gets All the Blame for the Loss & No Credit for the Wins"

  8. We deserve a better head COACH!!! GARRETT time has come & gone…

  9. It’s reached the point where we need to strongly consider the possibility that Garrett is deliberately sabotaging this team…..there wasn’t one rpo ran where Dak kept the ball. The 2 back to back runs with Zeke were absolutely idiotic. It can’t just be incompetence ……

  10. Good god, the man has lost his mind….. it’s important to win…… Zeke is a fat slob who hadn’t done anything all game long……Dak was on fire and he was denied a chance for a legendary win

  11. Fire Zeke too bro he ain’t the best like he claims to be jerry paid him way to much man way to much he’s a kid he ain’t there yet

  12. Fire this dude already

  13. I'm done supporting the team until they move on. I love my cowboys but this is becoming ridiculous. Need a young coach with some fire.

  14. I have a question cowboy fans….do u guys think all play calling last night was kellen or do u think Garrett controlled what he called?

  15. We will be the same team year after year with the same excuses until Garrett is gone. Last night was a crap job by coaches

  16. We couldn't nun but stubborn as usual and still can't utilize at all cook and matison killed us and no tony at all (why we draft him) it's a crying shame man

  17. I agree, Jason Garrett has worn out his welcome as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys!!!

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