The Cowboys To Wear Navy Blue Jersey vs Detroit Lions


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. i prefer dark blue over every other..however its about making plays .and vanderesh has got some injury issue physically or mentally because hes slow and just getting his ass handed to him..he is not attacking his responsibility an is getting in the way of his own teammates .hes been run blocking fo the other team

  2. Wake up when they good it was when it was Jimmy Johnson cowboys that kills jerry jones that why he is determined to win a Superbowl with out him Jerry is the problem it doesn't Matter what coach you have they will be average team jerry is the main problem period

  3. Next week: color rush

  4. THAT NAVY BLUE "SUPERSTITION" (I'm not superstitious, so it doesn't matter to me! I actually prefer the NAVY BLUE JERSEYS! I guess I've seen them play in the WHITE JERSEYS too many times) STARTED WHEN THE COWBOYS LOST THE SUPER BOWL TO THE COLTS WHILE WEARING THEIR NAVY BLUE JERSEYS IN 1970! All of a sudden, a "SUPERSTITION" was born! It never made any sense to me, since the Cowboys have lost 3 SUPER BOWLS (to the Colts once and the Steelers twice), LOSING IN THEIR NAVY BLUE JERSEYS ONCE AND THEIR WHITE JERSEYS TWICE! IF ANYTHING, YOU'D THINK, THEY'D BE "MORE" "SUPERSTITIOUS" ABOUT THEIR WHITE JERSEYS! For the record, they're playing "AT" the Lions, and the HOME TEAM gets to pick what color jersey they'll be wearing for the game, leaving the "AWAY" team wearing the opposite color.
    ON A SIDE NOTE: Jason Garrett ALWAYS has on a "NAVY BLUE SHIRT" on the sidelines! Maybe that's why the team is ALWAYS stuck in the same place ("NOT" being able to make the playoffs or if they do, "NOT" making it past the DIVISIONAL ROUND! LOL)!

  5. Team doesn't wear the Navy enough. The players probably prefer the Navy anyway. There was a story before the season started that the team will wear Navy for half of their games this season.

  6. If the boys lose then they don't deserve to win the division.

  7. Dont Matter What Color We Wear With Garrett Running The Show Nothing is Going To Change 👏👏

  8. No more navy blue damnnnnnn it!!!😠😠😠.smh

  9. Don’t matter Baby let’s go! We about to take home the steak at the lions home!!!

  10. Navy blue we don't do for some odd reason Law when we wear those often time's we lose IJS but either way we need to get it going if we want to win the playoffs.

  11. Dont believe in superstitions at all.
    If they play well they'll win. If not they'll lose.

  12. Navy blue is a stinker. White jerseys are always a good omen! Either way we must start fast and finish strong…

  13. ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

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