APEX Legend Game Play Training Mission Learning the 1 on 1's

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  1. Law hop on some Madden!

  2. i just started THIS GAME ALSO GOOD GAME

  3. Quick tip: turn the aim sensitivity down a little so you can be on target easier!

  4. Omg Law, "The Last of Us" is one my favorite games I've ever played. It's like a movie. The storyline is amazing! I'm not a big gamer but that was a really cool game and probably the last game I actually finished the story mode on. Couldn't put the damn controller down lol they get you hooked from the moment the story begins. You'll really enjoy that one I think.

  5. I see you got the ps4. I see you walking up punching your homeboy haha. I Haven't ever played APEX

  6. Also law just to clarify my last comment there is ranked mode on Apex legends where you compete against opponents of your own skill level. The highest ranked on apex are known as Apex predators. They make up 0.2% of the whole apex community across all platforms. And like I said my brotha. More than willing to help out. My online name is Fupas_Maximus__

  7. Yoooo law. If you want to play I’m an Apex predator. I can show you the ropes in depth my guy

  8. Cowgirls suck so bad they Law nation turning into a gamer!!!!!!

  9. Wish yu was on Xbox lol

  10. Check your settings you can turn auto run on so you don’t have to push down the thumbstick. Also you can change the button layout to but crouch on the right thumbstick so you can crouch shoot while fighting other players. Not as easy for them to hit you.

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