The Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings Week 10 Match

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  1. I like the Vikings. Porter

  2. Law the matchup to have is Cooper vs Rhodes. Which I believe Cooper will win 70% of the time. Look also at Gallup vs Tray Wayne's. I believe Gallup will have a big game. I believe that Cobbs will lead us in receiving because he can eat McKenzie for dinner. Watch for Jarwin vs Harrison. That's matchup that Jarwin will win consistently. Our book ends vs there tackle we should win that too.The matchup we should win is Collins vs Bradberry. Salute

  3. if they let Bennett go they better draft a 3 tech that's ready to be a starter

  4. LAW,good job as always and thanx for the work u put in and keep us cowboys fans who like to know everything there is to know about my DALLAS COWBOYS smart

    now ,am thinking that the vikings will dominate the cowboys for t three quarters,kirk cousins will bomb on that cowboys secondary.the few games i have seen minnesota,they get into a scoring frenzie
    better coaching than the time the cowboys stand up for the 8 count,it will be another ,we gavem them all they wanted loss..
    vikings will make dak beat them ,though dak is an average good qb,he needs all conditions around him 100%A-GAME; lee and jason witten are both punk ass bitches.for how they bumped their gums about dez.denied it then admitted it,with ratting out other players saying they were not the only ones talking shit about dez and there were other guys in the locker room also talking shit…to me that is not what leaders do or carry themselves..rats snitches have no honor or self respect ..but am from the west coast and i know the rest of the country has a different tolerance appreciation and celebrate punk ass bitch cheese loving snitches..iv'e lived in different states t
    hrough out …seen it firsthand

  5. D-line becoming solid, The General back patrolling!!!! Secondary trying to BallHawk!!!! NOW is the TIME of the DEFENSE!!!!! Been past time to draft LT!!!

  6. Cowboys have to win!

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