President Uhuru, daughter Ngina talk about youth unemployment at African forum

Preparing the youth for the job market is among the growing challenges young people are facing. Subscribe to NTV Kenya channel for latest Kenyan news today …


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  1. Kuma Kabisa Hii Watu Wawili..🤮🤮🤮

  2. nkt…they have a nerve telling us about unemployment

  3. ……by years of plundering, nepotism, triablism, corruption by kenyarra family.

  4. Mnataka nifanye nini? 🤷🇰🇪🚮

  5. All his children sound like British colonial rejects. They can't even speak a word of kiswahili. Uhuru is the worst thing to ever happen to Kenya and he should go back to gatundu rehabilitation center. We are tired of him an his family. Bure kabisa!

  6. This president has no feelings for Kenyans…only thinking of the Kenyatta's prosperity…. Kenyans wake up n revolt against this abuse of power

  7. Sit down with all your money! How dare you lecture to us whilst your daddy destroys the nation? What a morbid joke!

  8. Upuz…upuz…Ata Hawana Aibu

  9. If he hasn't done it in 7 years, he won't do it in 3

  10. Nkt!!Anataka kutupandisha aflatoxin?

  11. Someone hajawahi kula taabu for supper ataniambia nini? Forum za unemployment attended by employed people. Niacheni , sifeel well.

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