The Cowboys thinking about moving on from Byron Jones & Amari Cooper??? Drew Pearson Snub???

Dallas Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper is heading into the final year of his current contract, but getting a new deal with his team could be difficult. According to …


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  1. Still got to manage the cap. Cant afford to pay cooper and byron top dollar and then pay Dak.

  2. Rough decisions have to be made concerning contracts. If Jerry gives Dak a big contract , money could be saved to go after a safety or corner in FA if they let Amari and Byron go and then draft a WR in first or 2nd round

  3. Bryon not a playmaker we need playmakers in the secondary either you have it or you don’t they don’t play with the technique of making a play on the ball either you’re knocking the ball down or you picking it off none of the dbs play this way please don’t overpay for this guy

  4. What if kristian Fulton is there at 17 CB !!!!!!!

  5. We need to start a petition to get Drew Pearson into the hall of fame…. Keep Cooper and Jones. But I think joins should sign but not a 15 million or 16 million.. I say 12 or 13 million. He hasn’t been that corner who command a 15 million dollars a year type of corner..

  6. Law,,the man was hurt all year long,, with thigh,ankle, cafe groin

  7. If Jones is asking for top corners money I'll say buy buy…

  8. It would be a huge mistake to not offer Cooper & B. Jones a contract!! As for Jones not creating turnovers … Deion only had 14 throughout his Cowboys tenure. It just happens Deion played 5 years as a member of the Cowboys. The same amount as Byron Jones has.

  9. Yeah let byron jones go he's too friendly in my eyes

  10. Amari Cooper is great & I would want him back but to be honest he brought this on himself. He has game interviews and says he's healthy if you healthy play better and not like you a 4th receiver the last 6 games and be so damn non-shalant. We need to show more urgency on this team. He was starting to get annoying 😡

  11. bye bye byron jones… he dont get turnovers for a number 1 corner

  12. Zeke hung out with the LSU team WITH Odell 😂 let’s start the Odell to Cowboys hype train 😂😂🤣

  13. The Raiders had the same concerns about Amari Cooper,questioning he tuffness and his love of the game…You wanna sign another huge contract on a questionable player…Not me…

  14. 2 bad that Jerry Jones 'nem have Already forgotten about What Amari Cooper have Done for the Cowboys Offense after Coming-over from Oakland Year's-ago !

  15. I’m sorry I would rather keep Byron Jones and let Amari walk, if you want to get a Turnover CB then Trade Cheeto to the Chiefs and draft a CB in round 3 that has turn over … But Jones can play number 1’s and that’s not Easy to do… you can let Amari go and either draft a WR in the 1st and a safety in the 2nd or draft a top run stuffing DT in round 1 and draft a WR in round 2 and pick up a Safety in FA and let him compete against Donavan Wilson in Training camp…

    It’s not that I don’t like Amari, I love Amari but my boy is a Raider fan and he warned me lol, I was shitting all up and down on him in 2018 when we got Amari and he was balling and my boy told me he said just wait, He’s SOFT he’s gonna get inured pretty soon and he also called out Amari pouting and quitting on routes when he didn’t get the ball…
    one thing I will say about Dez, Dez May have blown up on receivers coaches and the Offensive Cordinater but Dez never Gave up on routes and shut it down
    Like Amari did a lot this season … And Dez Always performed at Away games some
    Of his best plays were on the opponent’s field! I believe Gallop seen enough from Amari and Sanjay Lal that he’s gonna be a great route guy next season … along
    With his physical talents and Cobb is a great route runner too… I think we should just draft a WR in the 3rd who is physical but also play the slot if they move Cobb outside next season

  16. You’re 100 percent right on AC. Keep Byron!

  17. All 3 of the original triplets gotta be in the HOF. Staubach Dorsett and PEARSON DAMNIT.

  18. Hell no you don't get rid of Coop. We all know he was too banged up at halfway thru the season. Go watch his highlights and you'll remember what you forgot.

  19. No way can they let Byron “Primetime” Jones go.

  20. I have not heard that i even looked it up

  21. Cooper staying trust me

  22. Byron Jones I am fine with. Amari Cooper? Don't be stupid. Who are going to replace him with?

  23. Byron is a great guy I'm sure but we lack turnovers from both corner and safety… Go get me a Darius Slay or a Xavier Rhodes guy who needs a change of scenery 😉 I think that'll help that 2015 draft class lacked the talent in the secondary that year

  24. Guys… We have to understand that it's a process… Evaluate available talent around the league, potential draft picks, free agency, in addition to our own players whose contracts are up. No doubt Amare made an impact when he showed up last season. But I was not impressed with him this season at all. Regardless, we have to trust the system, the process and especially those who are making those choices. McCarthy has to put the right pieces in the right places for this puzzle to truly be his. We just need to wait and see how it all develops.

  25. Oh drew getting in it's just not his time yet 2021 he will be in there. Believe that & we got a first round no excuse me gave up a first round for coop & he added to the offense he not going no where now Byron honestly he gave up that only TD to the Patriots & they might let him go for someone better. But I'm gone say it until they do it which Mike in there now so coop might get it put him in the slot & let him assassinnate whoever try to guard him that will help out dak & make it easy for both of them & maybe less injuries.

  26. I swear yall sleep on Byron. I see the potential of him being an absolute beast

  27. We cannot keep both I know that's for sure.

  28. Omg Law is delirious

  29. Byron Jones had one great season. I’m taking Amari( best route runner in the league.)

  30. The NFL should be Ashamed of them self's why Drew Peasron is not in the Hall Of Fame How Criminal and disgusting to that in front of his family that their hero not in the HOF. especially Roger Craig, Leory Butler, Tom Flores, John Lynch and Steve Mcnair not in the HOF they should be in no Doubt

  31. Why do I watch this idiot talk? Incoherent ass dude

  32. Man amari is good but hes broken down man. Hes a hurt dude , he'll be playing thru injury the rest of his career. But i think we should move away from dak too

  33. Bryon can go .. Coop 🤔 nawww we need to work that out

  34. Dallas enthusiasm effected him.

  35. Byron Jones gives up a lot of big plays at the wrong time when we need a stop

  36. Jerry is always screwing up the teams chemistry!!! STOP IT JERRY!!!! Talent don't win championships! CHEMISTRY DOES!!!!

  37. Lol they're not giving up Coop. The man is a godsend to this team. He'll be EVEN better next year.

  38. The Star shine Bright 💪💪💪💪

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