Law Nation Interview with Drew Pearson!!!

The Orignal 88!!! In 11 seasons, the Cowboys missed the playoffs only once and they had a winning record that year! 489 catches for 7822 yards and 48 …


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  1. The Original 88!!! In 11 seasons, the Cowboys missed the playoffs only once and they had a winning record that year! 489 catches for 7,822 yards and 48 touchdowns Pearson first-team on the all-decade team! Don't forget about the pass Pearson caught from the “Mad Bomber” Clint Longley on Thanksgiving. Big catches that constantly put Dallas into NFC Championship Games (7 in Pearson’s 11 seasons) and, of course, the pass from Roger Staubach that has made “Hail Mary’’ a part of football’s lexicon.

    Drew Pearson!!! The Legend, The Original 88!!!! He is a Hall of Famer in my eyes!!!

  2. Cowboys Wr’s know one talks about is Tony The Thrill Hill. Played alongside Drew Pearson

  3. The 1 dislike on this video is a HOF committee member

  4. Lmao he said getting that ghetto trot,when you hear that hot lead sizzling by your head that's when that ghetto trot comes in real handy!!! That's when the trot turns into The Flash mode!!! Ask me how I know!!! Lol! Shiiiiiiiit……. As the old Stones tune croons,you got ta move!!! Still can't fathom why jerruh Magoo got put in before this man here!!!!! C'mon man!!! Smh….

  5. Legend! One of the greatest Cowboys ever to play!

  6. Drew Pearson ' I pray that lord. Touch the people in Hall of Fame , Committee members wakes up from this unpredictable and undoubtedly wrong bad treatment of a great person and one Greatest Dallas Cowboys WR ever.
    And unfair, bias. Because you're A Leader, and Roger Staubach .friend, and favorite WR" ,the NFL is a race's League toward some Great Black Players, which is wrong in some many ways ",
    They use us , and spit us to the Curb, like sand in a box.
    When we have work from the back of the line, and fight our way too front of the line, and still trying, too stop the Blessing God has for us, it happens in all arena's in America, hold your head up high , and keep being the Greatest you can be ,
    Be Bless bye our Lord Jesus Christ is Love, and Brother and Sister of the Dallas Cowboys nation.,

    I Love my Dallas Cowboys nation Family ,💞⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    America's Team forever.
    Peace and Soul.

    Michael Angelo in Tallahassee Fl.


  8. He is so chill. I'm glad you got to speak with him! 💕

  9. Well, That's NOT Right that Drew Pearson got snubbed to be inducted into The Hall of Fame This Year It's a Joke but It's alright ALL IS WELL WITH THEE because Dallas missed the Playoffs due to the fact that they needed help from The NY Giants only if they defeated The Washington Redskins in which Dallas should've never put themselves in that scenario but that is another story, dispute, debate, or rebuttal for a different day

  10. Maybe the HOF doesn't want to put another Cowboy in because there would be too much Blue and Silver there.

  11. Lynn Swann is in the HOF…he scored 4 more TDS than Pearson. Pearson has more receptions and yardage…has less SB rings but at least has one. So why isn't Pearson in the HOF? WOW…I thought it was about stats. If Joe Namath is in the HOF then Pearson should have been in a looooong time ago.

  12. That's the game that made me a cowboys fan.

  13. I live in Philly and Carmichael was the first pro athlete I ever met at this 10 and under football camp. He played for the hated rival, but one nice guy. So I am happy he got in but in no way should he be inducted in the HOF before Drew. I have diehard Eagle fans even telling me as best as they can haha that if Harold is in then Drew has to be in along with him. Very disappointing! Calvin Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Tory Holt all will be on the ballot in 2021 so hopefully Drew still gets his overdue immortality as an NFL HOFamer!

  14. Always providing great content! Can’t believe this man got snubbed smh

  15. My man Law making them power moves!

  16. Cant believe they snubbed him from the Hall of Fame, he should have made it in a looong time ago

  17. The Man The Myth The Legend 💫

  18. Drew Pearson, Tony Hill, Butch Johnson, Golden Richards, Doug Cosby, Tony Dorsett, Robert Newhouse….. Old school Cowboys fans know… Rodger had some weapons

  19. Love Drew! When Tony Hill joined up with him there was all ways a chance they will pull the game out! Roger counted his lucky STAR's

  20. Nice interview Law 👍

  21. My dad and uncles are pissed!!!! This is a hall of famer period respect to the legend thank you Law

  22. Law makin big moves, love this playa 🛸💧

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  24. Drew person should have been a first ballot hall of famer!!

  25. I remember when you hit 24k …….42k and growing. Nothin but the best.

  26. #GhettoTrot 🤣 Dude is a legend! A Gold Legion HOF should be created for his class alone.

  27. You really are…
    Law "Tom Landry" Nation
    Legends man. Legends.
    Mr. Clutch. The No. 88. Drew Pearson. Dallas Cowboys 4 Life.
    Live like 95.
    …nothing but the best.

  28. Bruh…I am impressed. Hat tip. Salute.

  29. Hell yeah🔥🔥

  30. What a legend. He deserves HOF all the way! Thanks for sharing this Law.

  31. No question he should be in the hall of fame.

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