South Carolina DT Javon Kinlaw | Quick Film Observation | TOP 20 Draft Pick

South Carolina defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw had an All-American type of season. He’s projected as a first round draft pick by various publications, and may go …


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  1. South Carolina defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw had an All-American type of season. Heโ€™s projected as a first round draft pick by various publications, and may go down as the best player at his position in program history.

    Javon Kinlaw is a Day 1 target for any team looking to add a starter on the defensive line, and will be a high priority add for teams looking to increase their disruption up front. A hugely powerful athlete with a wicked first step, Kinlaw demolishes blocking schemes and pocket integrity with regularly. Kinlaw can 1-gap or 2-gap with equal success at the NFL level given his elite toolkit, and his potential as a pass-rusher is sky-high. Inconsistencies regarding Kinlaw's leverage and pass rush moves limit his ceiling as a one-on-one winner as an interior pass rusher, but by moving him around the line and sticking him in gaps, you'll get quality pass rush ability in Year 1. Kinlaw is a candidate for Pro Bowl bids the moment he steps on the field, and has the physical tools of the top defensive tackles in the league if he continues to grow.

  2. dude looks like a young Fletcher Cox

  3. Can I get the soundtracks you play in the background Law??? Great tape too! Let's get Anderson from NYJ and get this kid at 17!!!

  4. You have a video of Aj epenesa?

  5. Good vid Law hes def a consideration along with Delpit i think Simmons will be gone

  6. I want this guy bad. I would take this guy over a safety. We can get a good safety in the 2nd round. Only DL better in my opinion is Derrick Brown, and he will go too high.

  7. I really really wanted to draft delpit to pair with woods but i think we can pass on him with a guy like this. He will elevate the play of the defensive backfield by causing pressure up the middle like law said. Ultimately that would increase the level of play with heath

  8. Bro he is not even in the top 100!!! Where are you getting this information from???

  9. We need to draft him

  10. Kinlaw DT or Davis DT either one be fine, get a safety in 2nd Rds

  11. 6'6 310 is a 3-4 lineman size for sure. If they are going to switch I wouldn't be surprised if they pick up a DL in the first round. This team desperately needs consistent interior pressure. These QBs never get pressured up the middle enough

  12. Law i feel we need this kind of player that brings lots of energy and power even tho i want us to take Grant!!

  13. Kid is a monster!! Pro coached he could be a nightmare for Olines!!!

  14. Damn i cant wait for the preseason to see all the young talent

  15. We need to draft a player that will be a day one starter! Tired of hearing of these rookie DLs that "need time to develop"

  16. YES! KinLAW is a BEAST!!

  17. He kinda seems like Tyrsten Hill with a motor and longer arms

  18. Wwwoww ๐Ÿ˜ณ his hand Leverage is a key here… Law you gotta to be careful brother, they may ๐Ÿ“ž call you up to be our player or team Scout…

  19. I want him but he'll be gone before 17

  20. Looks good. I really wanna see us invest in the d line like we did our o line. This game is won in the trenches

  21. Yes, a DT! I know you love that name too Law!

  22. Love your channel Law. I love what I'm seeing with this guy!! This guy is a monsta!

  23. This will be a interesting off season law.McCarthy like big wide dt's,that benefits the linebackers.

  24. We need to draft DLine with our first 14 picks! ๐Ÿ˜

  25. His ability to shed blocks is remarkable…I like him!

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