Xavier Woods | Dallas miss playoffs despite having top-ranked offense in NFL | Review


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. If Dak could throw the back shoulder fade, Dez would probably still be o the roster.

  2. you should never go by a name thats SELFPROCLAIMED you need to get a nick name thats given by the ppl

  3. West Monroe duck dynasty 👌

  4. Just like I always tell Mark,the hell with these uneducated ignorant 80%ers who blame only the q.b. for a teams failings!!!!! Cuz Dak blocks for himself,he passes to himself,then cuts loose down the field and catches the same ball he just passed to himself,then he calls all the plays,then kicks field goals besides playing defense and special teams!!!! Hmm,boy he's a real busy guy now playing every position on the field!!!! Blame him for even getting their car dented in the parking lot during the game at the bar too while they're at it too huh?!? Ridiculous!!! Just pay my quarterDak and let him SHINE!!! Cuz #4=#6++++!!!!!! Salute!!!! Thanks again Lawman!!!

  5. Man at least Shannon will still talk his noise saying it to their face instead of kissing butt

  6. Tf they got woods on there lol really tried getting any cowboy possible. Pathetic

  7. Whatever nickname the Dallas Cowboys call themselves, they need to earn it first.

  8. Xavier Woods Speaking Fact About Richard!!!🙌🏾

  9. I’mma hardcore Cowboys fans and I’m 💀🤣🤣🤣💀 from Shannon . Shannon be speakin that real thou can’t hate

  10. 9:04 Facts!! I told one of my coworkers that after she tried to run things lol.

  11. I agree it's not on the coach the players are on the field playing the coachs are on the sidelines

  12. Shannon is right, same players different energy. These defensive players FUCKIN SUCK. . They should blow this defense up and reset this defense through Draft and Free Agency. Keep Jordan Lewis LVE, Quinn, and Blow THIS DEFENSE UP

  13. Finally someone ecnoulages every other year is our year. Because of strength of schedule this year we will have a moderate schedule amd we should make the playoffs no problem

  14. McCarthy ain’t going to have that half tackling…..a lot of stuff getting ready to change…..And Dak!!!! is a good quarterback!!!!!…TP!!!…from N.C

  15. What up T.P. from N.C.!!!!

    Law good content as usual!

  16. T.P from N.C we need Quinn ….get rid of Anthony brown because he can’t turn his head around and Cheeto is suspect too!!!!

  17. Law!!!!…..This is T.P from N.C….Shannon need to stop!!!!!!…Hating

  18. my guy LAW is truly for the culture with that intro

  19. Imma just say this Shanon is a bitch tryna go at Woods like that I like how he handled it

  20. Hey law!!!!!……iam back!!!…this is T.P from N.C…..Jason was a nice guy!!!!… But he couldn’t adjust

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