The Dallas Cowboys VS Chicago Bears | Live Reactions & More!!!

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  1. Its been years of the same bull sh** even during the Greg Ellis days when the cowboys would celebrate like we won the super bowl during regular-season games wtf are we celebrating for??? lol damn my ni**az we have not won anything in 25 years lol wtf are we doing???? you celebrate when the game over and you won smh.

  2. The d-line cant get sacks or tackle, the o-line is overpaid, over hyped and cant block, the secondary cant cover or have field awareness. the play calling is horrendous, but they're a talent team, yeah right

  3. They are terrible horrible a joke laughing stock burning down done no more jerry Jones is finished with says Dallas cowboys are Superbowl or playoff team no we are not time is up over

  4. Cowboys remind me of the Cincinnati Bengals from 4 years ago.

    M. C. G. A.

  6. I hear Trump wants to buy the The. cowboys. . Lol

  7. We beat the Dallas cowgirls😂😂🤣🤣
    Score 31-24 Da Bears
    TRUBISKY Rules!!

  8. I’m so done with Dallas.

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