✭ Mistakes and Penalties Doom Cowboys In 13-9 Loss To Patriots | Dallas Cowboys

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  1. linehan has got to be loving this

  2. yo Law, its Luch, as im called, but if past history is the gauge i gotta use, then its obvious that no matter what close losses we know we should have won, and it seems like we cant get out of our own way, even when this is the perceived outlook going forward, it all comes down to begin by reaching deep down in your inner self, making up your mind you have to win ! The main thing to keep in mind is even though we lose games, so do the rival eagles , and i been saying that it should come down to the winning of the next game at home on Turkey day, and continuing to run the table and make the playoffs. Thats when i think we will peak and play our best ball, keeping in mind the ineptness of the game plan devised by the coaches, and the inadequate unsuccessful habits of a limited power coaching staff !

  3. The problem i call the paradox, or maybe i should say, the Davis paradox, and/ or dilemna of the micro-managing father n son owners who equate success by the under-value acquisitions they believe would be adequate enough. This can backfire and cause the other paradox that is the main obstacle of going all the way, the Elliott paradox. Where your great skill as a genius owner with the best football decisions , and dealfinder extroardinaire, makes you overpay immensely for your best performing facet of the offense, thus resulting in a reduction of the drive, and hunger to improve, and overall acceptance of the secure and paid for life performances you see the results of, everytime we play good defenses! The fact that he gives them the neighborhood discount rate, and a great coaching prospect would make them have to spend a few million a year? Thus, the Elliott paradox/ dilemna…

  4. I equate this to the argument that success in football careers, longevity of talent , along with ability, in terms of both mental and physical aspects of your game, are what is key to winning. Little is what coaching matters and everybody has their own opinion. The fact is that coaching matters alot. Strategic and proven winning habits, the vision to see, assess and adjust defensive scheme to what your opponent's offense is doing that is advancing the ball towards the goal line and scoring especially. The experience and a way of translating your ideal game plan to an easy to grasp language you can communicate both back and forth, successfully. This and a 100% effort to make sure he, and all coaching staff, know how to motivate, inspire and work players into a frenzy…Halftime adjustments, matter bigtime when they help get the W!! your thoughts Lawdog?

  5. At practice you have to work on what you not good at like tackleing

  6. Jason Garrett have the best season tickets

  7. Urban Myer spotted on a flight to Dallas. Oh God let this be true when I wake up in the morning. Please don't be a stupid rumor I'm starting.

  8. Those tripping calls was BOGUS!!! We can't win for losing, refs have it out for us, but a lost is a lost… It's hard to play a team with their refs against us

  9. The thing is, we have a damn good team, but for some reason we can't put it all together on both sides of the ball… Every game counts, plus I didn't wait all this time to see us play like this… Bad coaching, but we all know JJ is holding us back… It's scripted already in my eyes

  10. Troy Aikman Said it Best Tonight in The Booth There is Some Bad Coaching Coming From The Cowboys Sideline !!!!

  11. The weather made a big differance.not many passing yards. How come the coach did not tell him to use gloves in the beginning of the game?

  12. What if we’re just not as good as we think we are? If it’s coaching, why is it so hard to get another man in here to coach this team after multiple losing seasons with multiple players in and out? Do we need a better o line, qb, running back or recievers? I don’t know what the problem is anymore.

  13. Thank you law I needed to vent get sleep and munch bro peace

  14. Cowboys will be just fine for some reason I feel so .. top teams are not blowing them out if they see these teams again they beat them and I mean beat them good

  15. Cooper was non existent.

  16. LAWNATION Thx for all the hard work bruh..stay grinding 💯🔥

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