✭ Cowboys roster move: Dallas adding WR Cyril Grayson to the practice squad

Cowboys Sign Legendary Track Star-Turned-Wide Receiver: Report We may be nearing the end of the regular season but that does not mean that the Dallas …


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  1. ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

  2. Now the Bucs just signed him

  3. This the BS shit right here we talkin about you got about ten
    wide receivers why in the hell do we need another white out make no damn sense how about signing a DT or LB maybe another DB that will make common sense right!!!

  4. We have PLENTY of WR now… But we get in an eagles situation with compounding injuries and we need an extra WR or two.. so I like the move. He's not bad.. Not awesome, but not bad. We can use him.

  5. Another Speedy guy the Cowboys won't use because Jason doesn't know how to coach

  6. To me it looks like an AWESOME 👌 add, with my only question being: Why isn't he on a roster, and do you believe he may be a larger part of future plans ? Of course we KNOW that all comes down to Jerry Idi Amin Jones' 🙄 The all knowing (IHO), all seeing: It Starts And Ends w/ME ME ME 💯 I like the look of the kid tho, and if no other reasons he's not on a roster; could see him becoming 1 quickly #DC4L #CowboysNation #CowboysFam ☝⭐💙💯👀

  7. Big WHOOP! Practice squad doesnt play defense, doesnt coach, doesnt play at all.

  8. Hey bro I'm just wondering why Pollard isn't returning them he never catches the ball he always lets it go in the end zone.

  9. A good pick up for the practice squad/future project player.

  10. Ehhhhhhhh… Not much to get excited about. At least he can catch, THAT’S SOMETHING… can he tackle, or maybe coach??😂😂

  11. Now get rid of tavon Austin he has only scored 3 tds since we got him that's not enough production for 2 years and they say he has speed but every time I see him he being tackled for losses of yardage and if he gains yards they are very short gains, we should have kept Cole Beasley, he's a better player!

  12. Sometimes it seems that the COWBOYS Front office knows Cyril about football🤔😆

  13. I’m 54, He appears faster than me.. so, that’s good!

  14. Unknown player he ain’t gonna do nothing

  15. Of all the players they should have added he was not one they needed…

  16. Why not? I like the agility. New subscriber, great channel

  17. Cut trash Austin and put Cyril in

  18. He's definitely a stand-in for Cedrick Wilson no doubt

    Hopefully our scheme fits his skillsets
    He fits what we've been lacking

  19. Alexander Wright , but another project like a Rico Gathers. Maybe he should be coached up to be a SP Gunner like the Slater kid up in New England.

  20. Waste of time we need a stronger defense safeties corners pretty much anybody at this point

  21. Cowboys coaches won’t know what to do with him. They’ll probably turn him into a kicker. They are football illiterate.

  22. I hate to keep saying it but !!. Dallas needs a quarterback! That can elevate a team and players.! ! Dak is not that guy!

  23. How many times do I gotta say SAFETY IS WHAT WE NEED!

  24. Jones copying the Eagles.. Lol #BostonScott

  25. What's going on with the speedster Devin Smith, why hasn't he been playing?

  26. Put him in as a corner,surely Richard can coach him up..He look like old Mike Nelms.

  27. Looks like Tayvon Austin s cheaper replacement next year

  28. Run zeke 40 times a game…only 3 left 🏈😄

  29. Wtf!! does this gotta do with a new coach!?!?

  30. So who got cut to make room and why are we making roster changes at this point of a low season?

  31. so this receiver is replacing the guy who got hurt i got $10 he doesn't make the roster once just like the safety they got from the packers practice squad and the d line they got from Kansas city

  32. Our receiving core is pretty good. We need to utilize what we have. Cooper Cobb and Galup a damn good group. Use Jarwin more at TE. Spread our formation more. The tight formation and trying to run up the gut is killing us. Go cowboys!

  33. What??? Can he tackle?

  34. Don't drop the ball when you take it out from the endzone

  35. We Need Dt not a Wr… man I swear I know more football than Jerry.

  36. We need a special teams coach first. But let's face it, the NFL has all but killed it for guys like this. Hester, and Hall wouldnt make it in today's NFL. I miss the return guys. Hell even the onside kick is next to impossible

  37. Not overly impressed, especially when WR is not a big problem,we need D ,guys who actually can stop the run,who can tackle and who understands what an honor it is to be a Dallas Cowboy,something s few of these guys have forgotten

  38. He needs to be on the field a.s.a.p

  39. Thry need to add some safties and offensive linemen.

  40. thanks Law for the update.

    On a side note i kept hearing this week about how the Cowboys have scripted their drives to begin the game on offence and aren't making adjustments on the fly when the opposing defence works them out. Also i keep hearing that Dak's stats are in garbage time when the game is over (which is correct to an extent…)

    My question is when the Cowboys are down by a lot, are they going to no huddle/2min drill and allowing Dak to make the calls at the line? They seem to score easier at the end of the games and it looks a lot more non scripted.

    Having said this….. we blamed Scott Linehan last year for the offence woes of the team. Has it really been Garrett stunting the offence growth of the team by not trusting his players to get the job done? we continually here execution which to me means more scripted crap to go through.

  41. I want to see why the hell did they do any of this shit at the first of ordering the

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