The Best Safety in College Football Grant Delpit | Quick Film Overview

Grant Delpit – He’s an animal playing forward. Confidently drives on the football in click and close situations and he has a quick trigger when attacking downhill …


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  1. Yes,
    I really like him Law
    Unless we pick high in the draft
    Meaning we finish with a losing season
    He'll be too expensive for us to move up to get him

    He plays like a man possessed
    Like a beast

  2. I think Cowboys move up to get him, or trade for J. Adams in off season

  3. You think he will be there when we pick I think he’s more of a FS

  4. Great video we could use this guy

  5. Law, aloha from Hawaii! Hope we make a run at the young man, he will not be there when it’s our turn to pick unless we make a few trades to move up the draft board! It’s a huge investment but they has to be other safeties that can be as athletic, smart, and tough as this young man! We need to also draft a true (heavy with light feet) NT too! First round NT/Safety. Oline third pick? Thanks for sharing all your hard work! I appreciate you! Mahalo for all you do! 🤙🏽 Yong

  6. Got Donovan Wilson in house 🏠, can’t get on the field! J Lewis also! How about some Road Hogs in the middle of the defense. Raekwon Davis he’s top 5 pick

  7. We need this dude. Hopefully Dallas don't pass on him for some line-men. With him on our team and Richard coaching him, he will go places, if dallas don't get silly.

  8. He's going in the first round

  9. ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

  10. Xavier McKinney will probably be someone more practical for us

  11. Trade up for him dallas

  12. Man if he's top 5 pic why are we even looking at him we won't even have a chance at him

  13. He will be gone faster than you can say his name LOL

  14. Law, you gotta check out this boy leki fotu

  15. best safety in this upcoming draft and it's not even close..I think he can play corner too..a byron jones type..but better ball skills

  16. Cowboys will do it like they did to A.P and Moss, they will pass on him

  17. He's been my pick for a year now

  18. lsu always produces secondary. patrick peterson, honey badger, jamal adams. this guy is gonna be next

  19. This would be a moot conversation had we passed on Trystan "sleepy" Hill and grabbed a quality safety; constantly kicking the can down the road…

  20. He a good player Nation but I don't see him fallen down that far down the draft for us to select him

  21. Man we need someone like him with Professor X Woods back there…

  22. I would like to see him as a cowboy him and Chase Young from Ohio State DE

  23. Hes gone be a top 10 pick so i doubt we get him😣

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