The Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo Bills | Post Game Report

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  1. Where is the support for the Cowboys? They have a shot. They are not out of it. Flip it around.

  2. Law I’m 17 years old. I’ve been watching football since I was 5 in the 07 season when we went 13-3 and lost in the first round. I have NEVER been this disappointed in the Cowboys. Even the 2010 season in which we went 1-4 before Tony Romo got hurt. This season has hurt me to the core. You wanna know why this record is an indictment on Jason Garrett? Mike Tomlin of the Steelers has: No starting QB, NO Le’Veon Bell, James Conner is always hurt and is average. NO AB, Juju is a number 2 receiver trying to be a number 1. And yet currently the Steelers have a better record than us. And they’ve actually beaten multiple teams with a winning record(LA RAMS and Colts).In years past coaching has been an issue but there were always excuses. Like last year against the rams, yes coaching was bad but the front 7 was getting pushed around like a baby in a stroller.

  3. When will Jerry step back ? Within 24hrs of yesterday's game Jerry had stated Jason is a football master mind. What a blind old fool. We need to stop buying Cowboys stuff and boycott all events at ATT stadium till Jerry sells the team or hires another GM and steps back from the football field. Just run the business side. He's damn good at that.

  4. I’ll tell y’all what.. my Sunday’s just got a whole lot more free.. To hell with Jerry Jones and all his sons

  5. The protections weren’t there and yet they made no changes to get the ball out quicker. I’m not surprised because it’s what they do. Still failing to adjust to the flow of the game.

  6. That put the nail in the coffin…Fuck you Garrett! I better not see you in the streets.

  7. Cookie monster for head coach and Elmo for GM!!!!!

  8. Maher straight up sucks,0 so bad,yet we knew this LAST YEAR. but we still kept him into this year,whereas the pats have already gone through 2 kickers already this season and are on their 3rd kicker right now the last I knew! Yet we're stuck on stupid and haven't done anything with this guy knowing how awful of a kicker he's been!!!!! I mean come on!!!! And our secondary lately,our O line,special teams, our play calling,ah whatever,that's why I quit watching at halftime, just too much talent to be doing so badly!! Smh.yup,definitely the players failure!!!! All of those pro bowlers like from romo's era, all trash! All of the players that couldn't do shit here under clappy and his staff that went to other teams and ended up on super bowl winning teams or at least balled out and got so much better elsewhere;like taco,weedon,measly and there's a ton more over the years of clappers reign that did!!! But our players are the issue!!! And do I need to start listing coaches that were here and left that went on to super bowls or teams that had good/great records and results much better than what jerruh and clapper have done over the past few decades??? But it's the players that are the problem,huh? Really now?!?!?!!## smh

  9. unfortunately Boys need to beat the Bears on the road in December outdoors, and then hold the fort vs a tough Rams squad fighting for wildcard, and then hold off the Eagles on the road in December outdoors. Eagles only have to beat Redskins, Dolphins and Giants before that HOME game for the division. A likely scenario is that Boys come out 6-8 or 7-7 while eagles most likely riding a 3 game win streak siting at 8-6. This is why you can't drop games vs the Jets or the saints with Teddy at QB. Gotta win those games if you want to be playing in Jan

  10. They been tired all year long I guess make them run

  11. Bring a damm soccer kicker

  12. Josh Allen is better than Dak

  13. 😂😂😂 stop blaming Garrett YOU SUCK DALLAS!!!

  14. Burn the HOUSE DOWN!

  15. You WERE RIGHT LAW! Talk you Shhht on the next Cowboy Roundtable for them teaming up against you. They have to EAT crow now!

  16. It is the players Cobb's drops the ball like 4 times a game but makes a play y'all on his nuts. Our Dbs can't cover nobody. Our line both sides suck, can't run block and the d line gets no pressure. Special teams sorry the players don't get enough of the damn blame. We suck from Top to bottom

  17. Jerry Jones is the puppet . . .its Garrett who pulls his strings or has some major dirt on him!

  18. Told u guys here a couple days ago. Bills best pass rushers are their inside def lineman. They have a bunch of pressures n sacks. N that’s the worse kind of pressure u can get as a qb

  19. Thanks for keeping real man. Bills fan here.

  20. Bills fan here. Cowboys are lucky this team once is up on points plays it safe bc of that defense bc the way they were moving the ball. Could had been worse.

  21. Were still ok at 6 & 6, 1st in the divsion

  22. Law Nation that guy’s a idiot! They’re not doing their job because they are not being coached properly the coaching is not preparing them for the games what a moron!!!

  23. What a kick in the johnson. Another season with great aspirations cut short by the ineptitude as a whole organization. And the sad thing is by April we will all be drinking the koolaid of how they drafted such and who and we are turning the corner, Jason Garret has this team together blah blah and then the cycle will continue.

  24. He says the same damn bullshit all the damn time never says anything different

  25. Cooper Rush that caller done lost his mind stfu with Rush

  26. I think old man jerry has lost his mind. As long as cowboys are making money. He will not change because then its all on him. Everyone in football knows garrett doesnt win games. He can lose a few but usually they get there ass kicked anyways. They need a guy that can get them in a better place, better decisions. they might not win another game. this is a joke an just lisyten to them , they say the same thing every week. gotta get beter, gotta bget better, that a good football team right there lol HAHAH,, do ya think? lol

  27. Law I'm SO depressed. In my 40+ years as a fan…. This season has hurt me the MOST! It cuts me to the bone! We should have won many more than we have. I had 10-6 also. We have the MOST talented players in the NFL. Jason Garrett just doesn't know how to use any of it! He wasted Romo. Now he's TRYING to waste Dak too! Ive been around for a LOT of QBs and a LOT of coaches at my age. Enough to know that Dak is a great QB. And Garrett is a horrible coach! If he doesn't go NOW we will be wasting Dak, Zeke, Cooper, Vander Esch, Jaylon Smith etc! These guys are young. With the right coaching they will be phenomenal! But Garrett is NOT the answer! I'm still BLEEDING SILVER AND BLUE…. But I'm slowly BLEEDING OUT!

  28. 12 carries 71 yards
    Pass happy gets you where you at. Zeke should've had 30 carries this game

  29. Happy Thanksgiving law and everyone. Gotta eat this L cause I ain't eating Turkey after this loss

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