✭ Dallas Cowboys | What To Expect From Mike McCarthy & Staff???

Mike’s a smart guy. He knows that, and he knows that maybe, at times, Jerry will interfere or say things that you don’t necessarily agree with or don’t like. But it is …


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  1. god entered into my body, as a body. Same size. Holy ghost baptism. God does voices of devils and all witch craft and paranormal. God rips my face and appears, iaughs

  2. Please draft young balls hawks, let's go Cowboys

  3. We wanted Jason out then let's deal with it and go hard just give 100 percent effort , no more excuses

  4. Get smarter u make a lot of money no excuses 💯

  5. I think when we look at the McCarthy hire way to many people are focused on Jerry Jones. Jerry is going to be Jerry. It is time to get over that. But with Mike that isn't so bad when you look how things have been in recent years. Steven Jones has taken over most the personal stuff and lets be honest he isn't half bad and takes coaching input pretty well. Jerry handles the PR side of things and to be frank that isn't Mikes strong suit. I don't think he will have much of a problem with the cameras going to Jerry Jones so they aren't on him so much. Of course that means he will have to deal with Jerry saying something bold, nutty, wrong, or just flat insane from time to time but that is how it rolls with Jerry. He also will be out there hyping people up which he does well too.

  6. I remember a story about Jimmy Johnson. He was describing the importance of new play's after winning a Super Bowl. Troy Aikman was having a tough time running a new pass play. All the WR's complained about the timing. Jimmy looks over at Troy and says. "Troy just put the ball where it's supposed to go. If these WR's can't catch the ball. I can get you a new set of receivers tomorrow. That is not a problem." Lol

  7. Damn this dude looks like James harden lil brother😂

  8. I know we're going to draft a safety but I also hope to resign Jeff Heath if his shoulders heal up fine. Defense didn't play nearly as good with Heath out! Very disappointed in X Woods play as well as Chidobe.

  9. Good morning " Law nation "
    Brother " be Bless bye our Lord Jesus ' !✌💯✔

  10. You do a great job!!!

  11. I hope Robert Quinn comes back.

  12. Make no mistake about it. Both McCarthy and Nolan are gonna get the phone & make some calls. You gonna see some familiar faces from recent Saints/Packers/Ravens. Believe that!!

  13. Robert Quinn want be here if we go to a 3-4 thats why the rams and Miami traded him

  14. As good as all this may sound no coach has won superbowls on 2 teams .

  15. Law Nolan coaches both bro, hybrid style. I think we have the horses to get it done

  16. I feel like he might bring the passion back that unquenchable fire we’ve seen glimpses of . I think he’s gonna sharpen our boys up .

  17. Law if Mike MCarthy is allowed to bring in who he wants.. then he may look to release Kellen Moore and Kris Richard

  18. McCarthy didn't commit to a defensive scheme… I believe McCarthy will take each player and determine which direction to go based on existing talent and build around their collective strengths… And the ones that don't fit will get replaced.
    As far as Free Agency, we should be able to pick up some great veteran talent AT A DISCOUNT because they've already got the money, what they want is a Vince Lombardi before they retire!!!
    I'm feeling very optimistic about the Cowboys future!!!

  19. We need to get better on special teams law nation !!

  20. We will be way better off in 2 years when we switch back to a 3-4 . as of now we are soft holding on to a prayer.

  21. Our expectations is to trust the process. I am more than honored to be the coach of this franchise.

  22. Yeah but you know that as soon as Moore pads his resume w west coast understanding he’ll be on his way. But that’s just the way it is.

  23. I hope this coaching staff brings some serious aggressive play and a nasty attitude. No more finesse. Let's punch dudes right in their faces til the last second of the game

  24. We can expect the same thing from McCarthy that we had from garrett. A soft, predictable team with no fire

  25. I don't know if he was the right HIRE he got the BOOT from GREEN BAY.🙁

  26. I think they go hybrid like the Ravens or Patriots.

  27. Mike McCarthy will have the right players in place strengthen their skills get the in right plays position

  28. I agree with you he will have players ready in cool weather and bring discipline tuffness execution soundness more


  30. What if they bring in Mike Daniels

  31. I want them to use Jaylon more as a pass rusher

  32. Red Zone, Money Zone, Green Zone

  33. Playing end standing up is Just better Gregg Ellis turned out to be one of the best edge setter I ever saw with the exception of Carl Banks I know everyone wants to call them linebackers.

  34. If Jerry actually allowed the coach to make selections of his staff he'll be far off a better owner and more happier I'm sure.

  35. At least I don't feel any pressure and won't all winter, spring and summer thinking about next season because I don't have any expectations.

  36. Amari needs to go if he's not hurt. Heard he didn't get alone with wide receiver coach and that's why he was playing lazy. If that's the case he got to go.. If hurt then he needs to rest and get it together

  37. Is Clay Matthews a free agent? If so I could see him being a bridge guy at the outside LB

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