The Cowboys With Major Problems Already

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  1. He should make him do janitorial work until the 14th.

  2. an opportunity is an opportunity no matter how sham it is . it is a sham why because whites wont do right. this shows that they have to be made to do what is right for as the bible says the lawless require laws

  3. or if they are the general manager or coach the nfl should be able to fire them from that position if they do not produce at a certain level because they are messing up the product

  4. the rule in the nfl is should be the owner cannot be the general manager or coach

  5. the nfl has a track record of not hiring blacks and when they do hire them they are questioned and challenged and under mined and then the fans wonder why they cannot produce

  6. well the problem is is that they wont interview a candidate who is not white if they are not made to. with out a rule they wont do anything in regards hiring of african americans and when they do many times they try to seclude them in one dept so they dont have to deal with them

  7. Thank God Jason is gone .

  8. One problem, Jerry Jones

  9. We are Super Bowl bound now no more Garrett

  10. Its official Garrett is Gone ✌🏿 coach 👏🏿

  11. Respect Law after seeing you debate with Lord Brunson. I want the Cowboys to give JG exactly what he deserves…..a lifetime coaching contract to coach America's team 😭 🦅🦅🦅

  12. Law I’m calling it here again. Jason Garrett will be our head coach coming into 2020. It’s going to happen. If the Jones’s wanted Garrett gone he would be gone. Jerry if he wants someone gone they gone. The Jones’s believe Garrett is the right coach for this team. They said multiple times during the season even when we went on the losing streak. Law we been Cowboys fans forever and we know if Jerry wants someone gone they are gone. Simple.

  13. Hey it could be a blessing….. Hopefully Jerry wanna move Jason Garrett to GM.

  14. ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

  15. Is the talent level really that good on this team to win the SB.

  16. A remedy for success: Things Cowboys need to do . The most important thing is money management by Jerry. We are not able to afford some of our players due to NFL cap situation. Let go of any expensive players such as our good but expensive wide receiver. Zak is very good, but also expensive. Trade Zak for a good defensive player or a high draft choice if you understand remedy for success . Sign Dack to 22 million or less a year in order to beef up players around him . Not only he will make a lots of money but he will survive the NFL by being more successful. Build defense with mighty players based on quickness and desire to play for Cowboys . Defensive line players are needed to be the strength of this team more than any other positions. Fire average coaches and hire a mighty coach with his choice of assistance coaches. Who is our dad? Jerry is our dad. Let us have patience with Jerry because he is tough and special. He is the man. He is our man. If any body can do it, it is Mr Jerry, our good buddy Mr Cowboys.

  17. While Jerry sucking Garrett dick , redskins planning on winning Super Bowls

  18. Other NFL teams are known across the country, but the Cowboys are known in China and beyond. JJ will let JG go as soon as his morning period is over 🤣💙🤠

  19. Man going to work outside Philly this has been a rough month to say the least! Jerry needs to change the game plan and change it now! We are a laughing stock out here an in sure everywhere else. Fire Jason TONIGHT!

  20. Really I’ve been a cowboys fan for thirty two years but if jerry keeps Garrett I’m done being a fan of this team

  21. he needs to go what are they waiting for

  22. My thing is, when is Jason Garrett gonna come to the fact himself and take some accountability and say Jerry, I’m not the one for the job. You should have the self respect as a man to know when you are being paraded around like an idiot. Even if he gets another chance, you think he lost the locker room now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  23. I TOTALLY AGREE with that solution.

    Make today his last day and consider Jan 14 his 2 weeks severance. Lol.

    Seriously. This DELAY makes NO SENSE. Jason has not done anything worthy of being soft.

    Again… Andy Reid kept the Eagles from the Super Bowl.
    Marty S. kept I believe it was the Chiefs from progressing.

    THANK YOU for mentioning the Rooney Rule.
    There would be no Rooney Rule if they would just do the right thing. It is as simple as that.

    They know about the Cowboys because we are America's Team!!!!
    They prove this with every comment.
    I had a friend posting about my Cowboys more than the TWO teams he cheers for.

    Next move needs to be Jerry Jones to move on from Jason Garrett.
    Bring in someone who can coach and who a game plan that utilizes ALL the talent on this team that will be there as well as know how to draft and provide depth and some trainers as well.

    I'm tried too. I don't like sitting around WAITING for the release.

  24. Garrett will remain coach watch

  25. Coach Clap doesn't deserve shit anymore 10 f'n years is enough!!!

  26. Jason doesn't hit the field so whether he leaves or stays does it really matter if Jerry is still there ? Dak seems to have hit his ceiling, Cooper is a health risk, defense is good, yet poorly utilized and coached up, and let the kid offensive coordinator become a pupil to somebody else for now, and revamp that entire defensive coaching staff and coordinator…try this…whats to lose ?

  27. The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins are a racist organization neither one of them have hired a Black African American head coach.

  28. Garrett knows how to work Jerry .He knows Jerry looks at him like a son .JG told a reporter the other day that he still wants to be Cowboys head coach .I think its possible he's been trying to convince Stephen and Jerry to give him one more year or 2

  29. I’m very serious here I’ve been a Cowboys fan since 89 and if this clapping clown is back I’m out for real!

  30. I been thinking for the last 3 weeks he ain't gonna be fired.

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