DeMarcus Lawrence | Uh, what's understood doesn't need to be EXPLAINED…

Stop creating more problems for the Cowboys, by trying to make clarifications of the comments…


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  1. D. Law is full of IT ! He intentionally set himself back before this season. Was D. Law here for the Cowboys or his self ?

  2. $105,000,000.00 is more than a lot of money! As a Cowboys fan all we need you to do is win! There is no good reason the Cowboys suck this bad. We haven't beaten a good football team all year. We only beat the bad ones. I have looked in the mirror and all I see is loyalty to an unmotivated squad! DO YOUR JOB DLaw!!! I will always support the Cowboys my question is will this current roster do the same?

  3. Demarcus Lawrence this guy is a big JOKE!! He talks a good game but don't do Shit!!

  4. Hey Law, I think he is just airing out his frustration via media. He has begun questioning the heart of his teammates, coaches, and staff.

  5. I like D-Law, but don’t blame us for y’all’s poor coaching and play. I’ve been a Cowboys fan all my life most of us are, that doesn’t mean we have to accept mediocre play.

  6. Always GUYS that ain't PRODUCING themselves POINTING FINGERS it's a TEAM LOSS U ALL PLAYED BAD!!!

  7. He got paid and doesn't play like he should. Players get paid and don't play like they should. It's not about winning the Superbowl it's about how much money you make. You can still get paid and have that ring and bragging rights that's what's it's about. Having a team around you if you pay all this money to one player you can't build a good team. I'm a Dallas fan for life but if More teams did like the Patriots you could win more Superbowl

  8. DeMarcus Lawrence is the last person who should be yapping. Dude is the highest paid player in franchise history and got half a sack in 7 freaking games. That's straight up pathetic

  9. This is why owners are gonna stop paying players based off stats because of the production they get afterwards compared to before.

  10. Too bad contracts in the NFL aren't structured based on performance only. No guaranteed money.

  11. I don't blame Zeke, coaches just didn't use him!

  12. Also, it's about showing up when you get paid!!! He has definitely been the biggest disappointing player on the team this year.

  13. D law needs to shut up!! And play ball!!

  14. Cowboy fans are sold Great Value products for name brand value. Everything is overrated. The truth.

  15. Dlaw havent been the same since he got paid and had surgery on his shoulder

  16. How many sacks tho?

  17. So that motherfucker just said the fans are to blame? Excuse us for having expectations of our team finally winning a superbowl. Instead we get unmotivated non passionate players who get paid more than most of us will make in our lives just to play football. Its not our fault he isn't self motivated. Fuck him. Get rid of him. Hes part of the problem. When you have players making 100 million dollars who want to blame egeryone but themselves they are the issue.

  18. Wasnt fans not getting to Wentz, wasnt fans missing tackles, getting blown off the mark. Wasnt fans strutting around like some gift to football. These guys, shakes head,) bums, literally they are high paid bums. I've said it, and so has alot of fans. Keep your mouth shut, go put it on the field and win football games. Enough of the whining from these fools.

  19. D law only had big numbers when Irving was next to him helping him out. Now he can’t do it alone. David Irving out due to drugs. D law stays in and cashes out. After seeing Michael Bennett join this time he has shown was a great defense player can do. He makes d law look like a joke. Smh. Robert Quinn and Michael Bennett only real defense line men out there. Pay them instead of d law.

  20. 7-8 is what they are. Bottom line, they will not have a winning record this year.

  21. We live in a society where nobody wants to take responsibility for what they're responsible for. To say people aren't fans because they are critical of your performance is plainly put bitch shit. Claiming a team with a 25 years of we almost, woulda could've should've moment is a tell tell sign of a fanatic. No one wants to hear hey you suck right now but it's true you suck right now. Athletes tell fans who don't get paid to be athletes to be a better athlete than . Be a better fan than me and you might win a game.. We have the softest work environment of any team in the NFL our players are pussy and pampered.. That's why we don't win.. It's not just the coach.. The coach don't tackle..

  22. This dude trying to blame the fans?!? This fool butt hurt cause fans giving him shit for being a overpaid bum !!!!

  23. Preach Law, Preach!

  24. After 10 years of Garrett I’m done ✌🏻

  25. He needs to do his job and sack the QB.

  26. Lawrence is the definition of a thin skinned "baby boy". An overgrown child. He doesn't take responsibility for his garbage play

  27. The craziest team in the NFL Lol! Don't understand the fanbase part of it? Lol Don't worry about fanbase anyway! They should be exploring all options and putting everyone on notice

  28. But what is the reality of the situation?

  29. Apropos use of Kipling, Law! Shacked It!

  30. What d law is saying is yeah we all F'd up but but that's what we need to fix

  31. Lawrence is just trying to justify himself because he was part of the problem too ! He got his money and he disappeared it's as simple as that ? This doesn't have anything to do with the fan's many of these player's laid an egg and look at the results. Football is result and an what have you done for me lately business ! And if your performace is not living up to your contract that you sign than people are going to let you know about. Lawrence is the one who delayed his surgery to force the team to pay him and once he got payed look at his performace , only 5 sacks ? He's getting paid to sack the QB not pressures. He can talk about him getting double teamed all he wants too. He brought this upon himself ! Take reponsibility and stop talking so much , because talk is cheap. If you going to talk then it better be backed up by performace unless than you will be criticized that is just the nature of the beast !

  32. D Law can't blame Jason Garrett because making a Sack is something inside a player , not the Coach

  33. Whatever happened to the glory of wanting to play football and achieve your goal of reaching the Super Bowl and winning it? The hunger and the passion within yourself as a player to rally your teammates when they are not playing up their highest level. Maybe I’m still stuck in the old days cause I’m 46 years old now. But damnit I haven’t heard one player say “hey, let’s go out there and play hard and win”. There is no desire, no guts, no balls and no fight. Everyone is tip toeing around with really what is on their mind and nit saying cause the over the top owner has restrictions on what is being said to the media. The coach, I can’t blame this all on him, but he has no balls either. This is all Jerry Jones. That Eagles game really showed me a lot. It showed me that of it was me, I don’t need no coach to motivate me for the biggest game of the year. Whether Garrett stays or goes, it shouldn’t matter. I hate to keep
    Going back to him, but you look at Micheal Irvin the player on the sidelines in games, that’s passion, that’s guts and desire. And this day and time, it’s seems like no one has that on this team or for the past 20+ seasons.

  34. I like his statement it made a lot of sense are they just hear for a pay check or for the love of the game . I see a couple of people on the cowboys who love the game and give 100% number 29 , 79 , 38 he try’s his best, 37 is hungry he want to start so bad the Dallas Cowboys offensive line Daks sacks are down tremendously from last year.


  36. Everybody in this FAN BASE?! YEAH OKAY MR. 5 SACKS. Gets locked up against backup lineman every fucking week.

  37. It's PATHETIC when Cowboys "FANS" turn on the players.

  38. D-LAW speaking TRUTH. Somebody gotta speak up. At least he wants to WIN and isn't concerned with his stats.

  39. Just win. Redskins in trouble.

  40. No one but himself is to blame for his drop in performance. It comes down to being better and having more desire than the guy in front of you

  41. Damn, can this season end already? Like Japanese water drop torture, slow and annoying. Losing has become that locker room tradition.

  42. The Cowboys are what the definition of insanity truly is.

  43. Man fuck D-Law! Hes played like absolute dogshit this year after he received that big ass contract. Hes such a shithead and thinks hes the bomb but he sucks ass for the money.

  44. The 2 players on this team I hate the most – Big mouthed overpaid fraud DLaw and Mr. Swipe ClearEye View .
    DLaw can shove his attack on the fans up his $100mil ass .
    He didn't do jackshit against a team playing 2nd and 3rd stringers

  45. Don't want to hear excuses about losing focus or anything else we need to get these weak mf coaches and players out of Dallas if not we will always play soft and lose against teams that knows we r soft period

  46. MOST THESE MILLENNIALS DONT GET LIFE…Just do your damn part…per person…there wouldn't be any worries…he not elite…they paid him like he was…but if you watch the tape…he rarely wins one on ones…i.e…other elite sack ppl

  47. Saints just brought Antonio Brown in for a workout. Hmmmm

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