✭ My Observations of Darian Thompson & The Dallas Cowboys Linebackers Play

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  1. you don't see teams pick on Thompson like they did heath and do chedo. that should tell a real coach something.. after Miami game Thompson would ve been my starter..i saw enough in just that 1 game..go to the goal line stop where if the back goes heath way he scores!why is he still 6 yards deep in the end zone and the back is running up the middle??lol..heath nickname should be miss3.andmake1.lol

  2. remember when we had McClain at linebacker vs pats.. we blitzed the 1st half and had Brady shaken but all of a sudden we just stopped.why? we still have the same type of play caller..i would have jalen put fear in him until the end..is he coming this time or no..no but l.v is..lol..let jalen play closer to the fucking center!! center day is too stressless vs our no play caller..= 3rd string q.b looking like a starter.

  3. a team is 1st and goal from the 2 yard line and our backers still have to run from 5-6 yards deep..lol..smdh..and y'all blame players ,bad angles ,etc..a real coach will make your job easier not more difficult!

  4. Richard will allow 200 yards rushing this week..i hate to say it..easy game for the blockers..lawrence and Quinn would have more sacks if we actually called plays more.

  5. eagles stopped the pats run only because they filled the gaps before the ball is snapped 5-6 men on the line and back into coverage if there is no blitz ..our defense problem is only because of scheme ,how we line up ,and lack of play calling..

  6. why don't our so called play callers on defense play our backers closer in short yardage and goal line. they don't allow ..the coach allows .they make the o line jobs easier . our backers have to travel too far to stop the run.the pats the best up front because they play 5 man fronts so the center or uncovered guard can't double or have a free go..is our biggest problem on defense. so we are playing on our heels instead of our toes!. = poor angles and bad tackling..


  8. No players at DT mean a soft D that isn't going to WIN games that matter. DT isn't bad, but he lacks the size to make a difference.

  9. Thompson sucks ass in coverage

  10. Also Look how high and soft Vander Esch plays 🤦🏾‍♂️ dude is garbage never liked him.

  11. Ive been saying this for the longest Vander Esch and Smith killing us. They're horrible at changing of direction, open field tackling and they always getting caught up on blocks Sean Lee old but hes better then both of those guys still both em over hyped.

  12. Dak leads a drive to go up 35-21 in the 4th and the defense gives up a td immediately after…. This defense has to many holes it worries me. Lb play and secondary play has been awful. Lack of sacks and pressure contributing.

  13. What is 12 personnel?

  14. KM is pass-on-first and I love it. Fire the rest of those idiots: Garret, Richard, Marinelli. Doesn't Jerry have enough dough to lure Bellichick?

  15. Got burnt today tho .

  16. Is Donovan Wilson in the doghouse

  17. Man I’m out here In Detroit at the game, feels like cowboys nation here. I’d say at least 30-40 percent of the fans are cowboys fans.

  18. Boys fans representin here in the D. I'm gonna say the fan base will be 60/40. Dallas fans at 60%
    As someone who live in Detroit there is always 1 game I hope we win when we play the Lions.

  19. kinda sad when you're backup safety is playing better linebacker than your star linebackers

  20. This defense is missing Eberflus

  21. Big Dawg! When are they gonna give Donovan Wilson some burn??

  22. Law I'm disappointed that you haven't mentioned film on Ezekiel Elliott. He doesn't get off the ball his legs stop moving he doesn't rip out of the hole. These are unacceptable observations from a 90 million-dollar running back. Only one YouTube analyzer realizes this and shows the film. This running back was and is a bust. That's why Dallas is 5and4. I expected more from this channel. Yes, I'm a disheartened fan watching this Elliott get his money with no accountability. The film doesn't lie right law?

  23. This year offenses has exposed our LB core.. Jaylen and LVE looks horrible

  24. LB's have not played good at all this season!!!! they played decent against Eagles but that's been it.

  25. Hate to say it law piss poor ply this team has been break my heart since garret since the 06-07 lost to the giants

  26. Are d linemen arent the brightest bunch theyre lining up wrong not playing theyre gaps and not taking on douwble teams thats the whole problem!!!! Thats why our linebackers arent playing gaps because theyre getting ate up !!! D line is selfish and arent eating up double teams to free our backers watch every play and play attention to the d line off the double team. Our 1 tech no matter who lines up there can never take away the center and the guard

  27. I think we are okay with safety play. I would however like the linebackers to fill the gaps… just like you said Law, if they would be aggressive much like last year I firmly believe that the run defense would go up. Plug gaps shoot lanes, dont wait for them to get to you first. I'm pretty sure this.is on linebackers coach.

  28. Leave it up to the Dallas Cowboy coaching staff to make Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander esch look bad

  29. Didn't c that much their

  30. When the merch go on sale I'm tryna get all that

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