My Dallas Cowboys HOLDS the L vs The Philadelphia Eagles

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  1. Drop the beat…drop the beat…drop the beat….!!!👣👣🦍🔊🎛🎤🎧🎵🎵💵💵💵

  2. It all comes down to accountability, everyone whether you are a pro athlete, coach, owner, CEO, politician, or average Joe, need to be accountable for their actions.

  3. That beat dropped and i thought Law was bout to spit 16 evil bars about Jason Garrett!!!!

  4. Rigged big time….I stopped watching WWE because it was getting stupid. Oh! And was RIGGED FAKE SHIZZY!

  5. I dont want to hear…Sorry ass jerry jones omg I feel so awful please jerry

  6. Can even beat a team of injured players ,and I don't wanna hear anymore about Dak being a 40 mil QB,the one good thing that comes out of this is it guarantees Garrett's firing,we will end up 7-9 ,and we need to rethink Amari ,this guy is pussy ,he moans,sulks like a little bitch,we don't need that shit,and never again do I wanna hear how Zeke is the best and our O Line is the best,this O Line is overrated ,overpaid just like Zeke,give me Barkley anyday

  7. 😑cowboys😑🤟….. man…. next year!!!

  8. We need another quarterback, I'm tired of Dak throwing behind the receiver or throwing to high where they can't catch the ball! Or over throwing guys! It's time to face it he not the future for the Dallas cowboys!

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