The Dallas Cowboys | History Seems To Repeat Itself Here!!! We Are STUCK In Purgatory…

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” For the original video click here This …


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  1. It's all about the money. That's why there all over the media. To real you into those seats. Why do these players that get paid become mediocre MONEY

  2. I think the problem with the cowboys is, ironically, their infrastructure. I say that because they are a solid business but a terrible football operation. Let me explain; the only coaches that had immediate (in a matter of speaking) success was Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcels. Those players feared them and respected them. However, they pushed back on Jerry to where his ego got in the way of cowboy success. When you look at the Patriots (as much as I hate damn near everything about them) their owner stays out of the way, except for Tom Brady. Until Jerry is willing to relinquish his pride, hire a general manager, effectively delegate the tasks, then he is going to continue to repay in mediocrity. In closing point, it's easy (now) to say Garrett wasn't a good coach, but it's hard to run a race in some timberland boots, a backpack and on one leg. I think he does need to go but not in the same sense that people think. I think if he goes to a place like a Denver, New York, or a Atlanta, he would be more successful

  3. We need a new coach aka coaching staff , also a qb that is better , when u have an elite qb u can beat a good team with a avg qb , hence eagles beating us.

  4. Jerruh Magoo along with the shitty,going nowhere coaching staff is the HUGE problem with this mess!!! There's a few players that need to go,but it's 98% awful coaching front office!!!!! Jerruh's mess!!!!Especially picking a war he can't win with Bad-dell and his goodellfellas dirty corrupt refs stealing playoff opportunities from us besides regular game victories,so once again,down to Magoo!!! No team wins every championship,so for most organizations it's just keeping it running and keeping the lights on,day to day stuff,not winning championships,but just selling pussy making you believe you have a chance, even if it's only a snowball's chance in hell!!! Like Jim Carrey in dumb&dumber, you mean there's a chance?!? Yup,but it's only jerruh's newest slickest chance at bilking more fans out of more of their $$$$!!! Jerruhs a sports pimp selling pussy!!! It's as simple as that,and pimping ain't hard at all for this cat! 🐱 cuz y'all are fish in his barrel,money barrel that is!!! Don't buy his bullshit!!!! Until he gives us a product WORTH BUYING!!! Happy holidays y'all!!!

  5. Law, i hate to write a book but here s my personal feelings and dealings on that "Loss" to The Eagles a few days ago! For one, i HOPE NY GIANTS BEAT THOSE EAGLE BUMS! Not for us to win the division or anything but just bc i know they shouldn't have been even in the game with our massive talent we have currently! Im PISSED bc im a cowboy fan living here in the cornball ass city . A city that's used to losing any and every way possible! I came to Philly in 82, from Irvi. Tex right before the 76ers won the championship. After a year or so, i said theres a losing sports culture here that likes to settle for just "ok", when it comes to winning.
    I watched as time went on as my Cowboys constantly grew( with help from Jerry), into the Dynasty they had become. Year after year, Jerry and crew would make big splashes and the Lombardi trophies would accrue. The thing was, Jerry would make a brilliant move, then greatness would happen for the Boys. Well, fast forward to current…JJ is not that guy any more!
    He's grown into an old power hungry, full of himself, senile billionaire that has bought and sold his way into the NFL and us, the fans! His ways of thinking is distinct and got me down here in Philly with these bums, once again, depending on ANOTHER TEAM to do OUR JOB! Our job of putting away a team whether they have a winning record or not. Mind game season is what we got…..up and down wins and losses! We destroy the rams and play super ecstatic one week but then turn around and loose to a team a good high school team could beat!

  6. Wow law you opened my eyes to the constant bullshit that this owner serves up every season to get fans amped up to buy into his bullshit but I believe now that most of the fans have to opened their eyes and now see that Jerry has been the problem all along

  7. I think something that doesn't get talked about when it comes to this team constantly underachieving is the lack of playmaking defensively. Win the turnover battle, you normally win the game. In the nineties, Jimmy Johnson said he wanted guys who could make plays, didn't matter what else they could do as long as they made plays. We don't currently have anyone in our secondary who can create turnovers and Jerry and company have been drafting them this way. From now on, if a guy doesn't at least 6 ints in college, they shouldn't be drafted.

  8. Jerry knows that Jimmy was the mastermind behind cowboys success.

  9. Over hyped and overrated as they come this team has been average at best since 95. This man cares about his pockets more than anything we all bought his words .. just a average team. Sad because the hype we buy

  10. Worst number 1 offense in the damn history of the league

  11. It maybe be the best talent ever seen they just don’t have the right coach . I think the Dallas Cowboys should hire Dennis Thurman as the defensive coordinator And teach the Dallas Cowboys flex defense . But I don’t think the Dallas cowboy team is smart enough to learn that defense. But I would love for them to prove me wrong . But I think Dennis Thurman can teach these defensive backs how to play Cornerback and safety because Dennis Thurman play both positions when he was a Dallas cowboy and has the stats and numbers to prove it back in 1981 Dallas Cowboys had 37 interceptions that year . Everson walls had 11 int Dennis Thurman had 9 int , Michael downs had 7 int Charlie waters 3 int Benny Barnes 1 , Wilson 2 , linebackers Bob Breuing 2 int , DD Lewis 1 int , Guy brown 1 int total of int 37 . I’m just saying but what do I know.

  12. Barrie you are exactly correct. Fans have great POWER IF THEY CHOOSE to exercise it!! Demand a proper Head Coach such as Urban Meyer OR face sanctions boycotts half empty stadium etc. Impose sanctions on the organisation UNLESS they hire a PROPER HEAD COACH no more Teddy Bears like Garrett no more soft cuddly coach suitable to soft players and GM/Owner only concerned about his "ego and feelings".

  13. Urban Meyer is a Top Class football Mind, Strategist and Head Coach… FACT!!!

  14. DLaw recent quote : Talent without direction is nothing.
    Its the lousy coaching staff holding this team back

  15. Which coach should the Cowboys hire?

  16. The fans can control this by not supporting this subpar product

  17. Complacency in the coaching staff translates to complacency in the players. Watching them play against the Eagles, they could have cared less and didn’t want it. Now the window of opportunity has closed and they can watch the playoffs from their couch.

  18. And they will stay in hell till jerry steps down as the GM

  19. History repeats itself in Dallas because Jerry insists on a rinse and repeat style plan thinking he'll get a different result. It's been 25 years since 1996 Jerry…step down as Owner and GM.

  20. somebody needs to do jerry like jerry did landry and jimmy

  21. The owner should've never listened to the infantile sector of the Cowboy fanbase. Bill Parcells has said the same thing. Linehan should've never been fired. The young nucleus of the team was developing fine, but our toddler fanbase needs instant gratification and is Super Bowl or bust. They also watch too much ESPN and buy into the year in, year out hype.

  22. Cooper to soft he doesn’t care about winning go get a fiery Odell from the browns let him get revenge on giants 2 times a year.

  23. Cooper's biggest catch of the year will be that contract….

  24. I still love my team but from this point forward I have no expectations for em. No matter who we get as a coach or players in the draft or FA. Until jerry is gone we will continue to stay in purgatory.

  25. Until Jerry Jones starts to feel it where it really hurts (his bank account), he won’t change course, ie. bill parcels. JJ f*ckd that team up so bad, that he was willing to relinquish control to get it back to where it was manageable for him again. He’s a salesman of an average product and we are always buying at a premium price.

  26. The cowboys problem is the worst player on the team is the guy that touches it every play, #4. Let me guess, you think him going from $1mill a year to whatever he wants is going to make him play better or make our team any better? Get outta here dude… a cowboy fan not a dak fan

  27. Yo look I don't wish death on anybody but until he dies y'all ain't going anywhere

  28. I want to know in what category are we first in offense. Touchdowns? Baltimore
    Passing yards? Bucs
    Rushing yards? Baltimore has us by almost 2000 yards.
    So please tell me where we are 1st in offense? Our quarterback is average and holding us back. Put our receivers with a guy like Daniels, Mahommes, Drew Lock, hell I'll take Fitzpatrick over Duckfoot Dak.
    Why should teams play anything but 9 men in the box. Dak isnt out throwing anyone. Tired of blind fans thinking people on our team are so great. If they were so great other teams would be calling for them.
    We over paid DLawless, dont make the same mistake with Dak

  29. Law I knew this was going to happen it’s been the motto under Jason Garrett for the last 10 years when the games matter and we have to win take the next step we fold we fold like a paper champ getting a uppercut from Iron Mike in his prime. Everything has to change a whole cleansing or the entire coaching staff. You can’t leave a chunk of cancer or it comes back then eventually you will die. That’s our Cowboys right now. We are not America’s team no not this current team. We are the Browns, the Bengals. We are the joke of the NFL. Jerry is just as much to blame as anyone. 25 years not even a championship not even close.

  30. Jerry has proven he doesn’t care about winning…. to this douchetard it’s more about showing who is in charge….. he has shown that

  31. jerry is right stats r for losers and hall of famers, its not for champions

  32. Law you always telling things like they are. I love that. Dallas players think they're privileged. Like everyone is supposed to lay down for us. Everybody plays us like it's their superbowl. Dallas has to develop a backbone and heart. We have neither. I will be a cowboy for life. I bleed blue but dallas has made me sick.

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