Ron Rivera out as Carolina Panthers coach after nine seasons vs Jason Garrett

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper on Tuesday fired head coach Ron Rivera, two days after an embarrassing 29-21 home loss to the two-win Washington …


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  1. , but the Panthers haven't had half a talent that the Cowboys have had since Jason Garrett and Ron Rivera has been in the league

  2. Great breakdown of this organization

  3. Jason, what's you going to do when Jerry comes for you, bad coach, bad coach

  4. Ron got the Panthers to a SuperBowl, 4 playoff appearances, and 3 divisional titles under his belt. Jason hasn’t done anything and still has a job that is white privilege at its best.

  5. Ron Rivera should be the head coach in Dallas #BrownPride 🇲🇽

  6. Hire Rivera Def Coord move Richard to HC……

  7. X-Factor for Dallas Success:
    1. Bench Witten except for RedZone.
    2. Play Zeke & Pollard (TP) simultaneously. TP as 2nd-Slot WR pulls the SS or extra LB out of the Box on 1st & 2nd downs which makes it easier for Zeke to run the ball. TP speed beats any LB & most DBs in NFL.
    3. Start Jarwin at TE when Zeke or TP take a breather. That way all 3 stay fresh. Use Witten in RedZone.

  8. You Dallas Cowboys Nation fan family members who he should be fired, well you don't understand football, and how it structured ,I'm a true Dallas Cowboys Fan but it time to go Coach because he is not the answer people. Dallas Cowboys Nation fan be bless by God our LORD JESUS CHRIST is LOVE and Peace and Soul Brothers and Sisters. ❤⚌✔👦🔥🗑💩💩😷😷😷he stinky and suck's Jason Garrett is trash 🗑🔥📣☛🗑….Merry Christmas and Happy New year..Michael Angelo in Tallahassee Fl.

  9. Jerry Jones this a wake up call!!! Fire Jason Garrett. Why? Because it’s about that time 👀👀

  10. Difference is carolina is out of playoff contention and they missed the playoffs the past three years.

  11. Rivera is so much better HC than Garrett puppet with less assets

  12. The standards in dallas are set lower & lower year after year but hey Jerry that's how he likes it very low

  13. Ron is 💯 times the Coach Garrett is 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻Fuck Garrett

  14. Don't mean no disrespect but those are all assumptions on your part about Jerry Jones and all the scenarios you mentioned. Cowboys will be fine.

  15. 2019 latino getes a chance in tex ..Americans team.☆☆☆

  16. Dallas about to scoop Cam AND Ron Rivera….y'all heard it here 1st!!!! Yes….Dak will back up Cam!

  17. Jerry Jones says “It’s good to be the king!”
    Must’ve enjoyed Mel Brooks movies, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he told Jason (If we get skunked) “Adios muchacho.” Watch

  18. Ron Rivera was supposed to come to dallas when they fired wade Phillips

  19. Jerry is being smart about this. He wants to make sure the Cowboys make the best of this. A new coach is gonna wanna come in and make some changes and even might wanna bring his crew. We keep Jason for the remainder of the year and keep things cool and focus on the road ahead with no major distractions. Don't rush the process, TRUST the process (Jerry don't screw us on this one).

  20. Jerry & garret can go f**k themselves. worst owner & head coach that ever lived.

  21. I would love for Jerry Jones invite me to go fishing with him

  22. I don't want them to rush to the first available coach.

  23. River boat Ron has more success than Garrett gets fired but, Jason Garrett is supposed to go on a run get a SB according to Jerry Jones. What a joke Jerry.

  24. Garrett you’re next 👋🏾.

  25. Hey Law youre bullseyes spot on with that GM talk thats real we are and been at JJs mercy….

  26. I can see him coaching the Browns and winning there. Dan Quinn is another coach that might get booted as well. Another Defensive minded Head Coach. If he does get fired it'll be interesting to where he might end up.

  27. Rivera will be with Redskins or Giants

  28. Jerry Jones NEEDS to tell Jason Garrett:

  29. GM is responsible for quality player with we have but coach is responsible for wins💯💯 but u right about Jerry I’m regards to firing about Jason, he should have been gone smh

  30. The Carolina Panthers FIRED Ron Rivera RIGHT NOW to try to get a "JUMP" on their next coach, before other teams do, unlike "ANOTHER TEAM" (COUGH, COUGH), WE KNOW!

  31. Def minded coach! Needed!

  32. Yes he’s def is nice!

  33. ✭ Go Cowboys ✭

  34. Jerry follow the panthers owner lead 🔥 Garret 😂. Let’s Go Cowboys!!!

  35. If we still have Jason Garrett next season and Panthers make it deep into the playoffs next season and we don't I might do a video of me burning that blue collar shirt Mr Clapper always wear.

  36. Build a time machine convince his mom abortion would be best nah I'm playin

  37. Jerry should get on that yacht and get lost, call it in man.

  38. This is the reason why we won't ever win a Super Bowl because Jerry Jones refused to let go his GM position and hire a real head GM and head coach like he had with Jimmy Johnson. 25 years of mediocrity and he still trying to proved that he can run a organization.

  39. I bet Jason still gonna retain his job with his sorry lazy ass

  40. Jerry Jones.. = AL Davis.

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