Who Are The Dallas Cowboys? Law Nation & Akoye (Zeke Should Be Pissed)

Law Nation & Akoye Media, sit down and go over some of the things that are wrong with Americas team. The Dallas Cowboys have all of the talent in the world …


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  1. We are a soft team. Need stout d tackles. NEED A BALLHAWK IN THE SECONDARY!! I'm tired of the Xavier Woods experiment. Need to upgrade Heath also. Awuise is a safety or a zone corner, not a man corner. I'm tired of Byon Jones. No turnovers from him at all. The linebackers are not playing up to their potential. We throw the ball too damn much. The O line is playing like a piece of shit. You pay Zeke all this damn money and you don't run him??? WTF are you doing Kellen Moore?? Our homerun hitter, Tavon Austin doesn't get the ball, and when he does he doesn't get it to get in position to take it to the house. I am so fucking sick of Jason Witten. We need a fucking young tight end. Special teams suck. And last but not least, Jason Garrett has got to go, including the special teams coach, Rod Marinelli and if Moore don't tighten up his ass too. Run the damn ball!!!!!! Run the damn ball.

  2. He should be pissed because he pulled that bullshit sit out instead of being a man and play out his contract especially after everything Jerry did for him,and then he showed how much his skills have declined,as far as the team ,the team is Jason Garrett,they have his personality,his incompetence,his lack of discipline

  3. Zeke hasnt prooved himself at all this season. He looks like hes only playing 50%

  4. It begins with the top. The team has no identity because the team is comprised of a mishmash of talent, trouble makers and injury proned discounts. The team will never even cone close to winning as long as Jerry and Stephen Jones are running things into the ground. If they brought in someone good like They've in the past, then they will run them out of town like They've done in the past.

  5. Choking is the Cowboys identity.

  6. They are cupcakes!

  7. Is no one going to bring up how repetitive this whole offensive coaching carousel is? Anyone remember 10 plus years ago when Jason Garrett was an inept QB coach (Romo has credited Payton to his growth) to inept OC that depended heavily on his QB and cast of WR's to make big plays on a very predictable/unimaginative offense? Literally hired a guy who showed no real level of competence on any coaching/ leadership level to be the man in charge of the team? Let's see… Dak showed no real improvement while being "coached" by Kellen Moore (certainly not compared to what Kitna has done), but we bump him up to OC. LOL… 10 years from now I'll be using my YouTube voice projector to comment on how Kellen was a horrible choice for HC. SMFH

  8. Akoye you gonna hop in laws livestream show again? Show was really good, nothing but facts. Breakdowns looking good as always man learn something new every time.

  9. We got a new oc to get away from predictability and our offense being simple now it’s still predictable but complex and WE PASS TOO DAMN MUCH win the patriots and bills game if we RUN THE BALL

  10. I would like to see Dak run the ball at least 3 or 4 times. The read options is no good if the QB not a threat to run. I don't care if he get 5yds and slide.

  11. We're playing Mountain West Football..

  12. The name of the game is score points..If Zeke was taking some of these runs to the house I would 100per cent agree.. Since he's not making gamechanging plays…The Offense has to be more creative in the red zone..The red zone should start at the 30 yard line where we start trying to score not the 10 yard. I think speed is a factor Jarwin for Witten. And add Devon Smith in the mix..These guys we're involved..earlier Along with getting Pollard involved will enhance this team..You need some explosive plays they bring Emotion and the Team as a whole feed off that play.

  13. This is why I didn't want Moore.

    All he is doing is the same thing as Scott but its dressed up a little more.

    All Kellen is doing is running Scotts plays but he throws a different formation in there to look a little different
    once in a while.
    I wanted James Cooley, a voice from the outside to come in and shake things up that's what this offense needed.

  14. Dak will shatter Romo’s passing records. Dak is already a better pure passer then Aikman Staubach Meredith White. After this year Dak will surpass Romo as a pocket passer

  15. We are a passing team with a weak run game. With a defense that’s average.

  16. missing that nastiness..neither side got dawgs on it..great film study.

  17. DAL 1st-half play frequency
    in 6 wins
    60% pass 40% run
    in 6 losses
    57% pass 43% run

    (2nd half plays are dictated by the score)

    So should we run more vs winning teams? Cause we obviously can beat bad teams by not running as often & passing a bit more. Yet vs winning teams it seems like whatever is working vs losing teams isnt the way to go vs winning teams. Ofcourse we tried to run vs Saints but two turnovers killed us. Fast forward to GB & again turnivers early got us way behind.

  18. DAL Yards & Scoring
    by 1st-Half Run Frequency
    Run less than 40% (4 games)
    280 yards 16.5 points
    Run 40-44% (4 games)
    200 yards 10.8 points
    Run more than 44% (4 games)
    186 yards 9.0 points

  19. Bottom line is this team is not doing the fundamental things to win. We are not consistent with our run block. We are not consistent in our tackling. We have to many drops & turnovers in key situations along with Flags no matter how BS some are. We do not create turnovers & we are not mean enough. We are soft & this is on Garrett & his staff & the players. The players are as much to blame as anyone. Cooper doesn't show up on the road, Zeke is taking breathers after one big run, LBers are not playing well, our front 4 despair win rate are not getting to the QB when its needed most. Defensively we rank top 6 in yds & pts but look deeper, they let opponents drive down the field forv70-80yds before deciding to try & stop them from scoring. We allow way too many 3rd & long conversions & the R&R Show isn't getting it done. R&R is Rod & Richard but at times it seems like rest & relaxation. Smh
    Keep Moore & Kitna & get rid of the rest.

  20. Bottom line is we just not as good as media & fans think! Back 7 on defense gotta go..I’m not sold on LVN or J.Smith they don’t plug the holes all they do is run sideline to sideline can’t stop the RUN!!!..Need beef in the middle & NO ball hawks or playmakers in secondary..Offensive line is soft..T. Smith is washed up can’t bend over struggles against elite D-ends! Just my opinion but doesn’t matter what coach we bring in because JJ will fk it up..also tired of hearing how we draft better than other teams & have all this young talent?? SAYS WHO? Been hearing this shiit for 4 years going on 5. At some point they need to show up!! Bottom line we are an average team! LAUGHING STOCK OF THE NFL but my dumbass watches every SUNDAY!

  21. Shout-out fellas

  22. Akoye ion even have to watch ur video and I know ur right. This coaching staff is weird they run the ball when Daks hot, but let Dak throw it when teams can’t stop the run. We should be 8-4 beating N.E and buffalo. Well 9-3 because we should’ve beaten the Vikings too. One player on this team that never gets blame and he’s a reason why we lose is Bret Maher. Akoye people sleeping on how many missed kicks/ games he cost us by missing those field goals. I really want u to show his missed kicks in games like the jets when we lost on that 2 point conversion, that Greenbay game and that patriots game. 3 games in my opinion that he cost us. Dude is 19/28 on the year.

  23. Agree 100% we trynna do way too much. Idk what happened towarda the later half of this year but we just look confused every drive

  24. Yeah. We 2nd in 1st downs, 2nd in plays over 20 yards, 2nd in plays over 40 yards, and Maher is tied for 2nd in most field goal kicks this season, our playcalling is terrible inside of the other team 40

  25. Damn Clapper running all our superbowl chances

  26. We don't respect Garrett Period.

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