Urban Meyer Analysis on Special Teams | 3 Phases of Football Review Ep. I

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  1. Between Urban Meyer and River Boat Run are my finalists for the job. Either one would be better than Garrett

  2. Urban Meyer is the absolute #1 guy Cowboys should target… give him 5 years and let him walk if he needs to for health reasons.

  3. Law thank you so much for all your hard work..you're the only COWBOYS related media I follow.

  4. I'll take anybody who not name Jason Garret. He sucks at coaching.

  5. Been saying it for a little while now, but this is my first pick for our new coach.

  6. Last time the Cowboys had a great special teams was when Joe Avezzano was our Special Team coach.

  7. Yes, keep these coming Law.

  8. What up Law. I've been a Cowboys fan since '79 and I'm from Florida so I am also a life long Gator fan. Let me say this first, Urban left a bad taste in my mouth when he left UF but that was a long time ago and I am willing to forgive but I don't forget. If he were to lead our Cowboys to a Super Bowl, all is forgiven. He has proven time and again that he is a great coach and he loves Special teams. He would be highly involved in that process as a head coach. One thing that stands out to me is Urban will want to hire his own staff and honestly I can't blame him. Just not sure Jerry would be willing to do that. If Jerry goes for that I believe Urban can take this team to the next level because he is very intense and will keep the pressure on his coaches and players which is something I don't see from the current staff but if he doesn't win will we hear about his "health issues"? I'm only saying this cause as a fan I've been through it with him. Honestly I think Lincoln Riley would be an awesome fit and he is a great QB head coach. Thanks Law for your great work for Cowboy Nation! Salute! I'm out.

  9. If Jerry Jones brings him in, it's because he is another Yes Man. Does anyone really think that the billionaire Jerry Jones is going to have another man tell him what to do? Jerry Jones don't give a damn about winning. And as long as he is making money it will stay that way

  10. Law your video proves my point about him being condescending, jeff okudah(projected top 10 pick this draft) from grand prairie was the #1 corner n # 1 player out of Texas in 2017. N he didn't get a play on defense side his true freshman but played heavy on kickoff.. my point is he held that over him as a 18 yo kid but how you gone get the most out of 30 yo man with kids.

  11. Fire garret n bring this man in to save the season

  12. He was my top choice before this video come out and now hes my only choice to be frank

  13. Mike McCarthy would be my choice, proven winner with championship pedigree at the highest level.. Can deal with anybody if u coached diva aaron rodgers. While away from the game this yr he said he has hired 6 person staff to analyze the game. He gone come back on fire.

  14. I'm excited to see which coach we get, and I'd like to see some decent free agent players added maybe a splash trade. And we need an impeccable draft

  15. True be told RiP Joe Alvazno Special teams coach. Jimmy Johnson staff!

  16. Urban Meyer I hope will be so happy

  17. I hope so we get him or Lincoln Riley

  18. Keep the videos comin law. Salute

  19. What makes me nervous is the Cowboys facing an opportunity to choose greatness. Times before our heroes faced these opportunities. Bill Belichek, Randy Moss, and Jerry Rice were all passed up by Dallas. Everything about Urban Meyer rings instant greatness. Look at the his record. I didn't see one losing season. The man knows winning. I have no doubt that America's Team WILL rise again with Urban Meyer behind the wheel. It seems a no-brainer. These opportunities only come once in a lifetime. Please let's not pass this by. Fans can play a part. Next game is in Arlington. let's see some pro Meyer signs in the stands. Put a lot of these at the team entrance before the game. Whatever it takes. The team is in the darkness now. But every Tunnel has light at the end of it. Urban Meyer on our sidelines would bring back that light of winning. COWBOYS NATION LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN. THIS IS FOOTBALL

  20. You tell me to call you what I want..? I call you absolutely correct! Football is a game of inches, philosophy. Those little battles make the biggest difference. The Current Cowboys are loosing those little battles cuz they don't have the right philosophy in place with Garrett whom has proven he's not a head-coach. I'm a musician. I perform with bands of others. How long do you think it takes to recognize the 'Drummer is not a 'Drummer or the Bassist is not a 'Bassist. Definitely not a decade! Sure Garrett is a good guy. But not a head-coach. Let's move on J.J.!!

  21. Go out and get him, his attention to detail is impeccable…the exact opposite of Jason Garrett.

  22. As a football coach, I'M AS BIG A FAN AS URBAN MEYER, AS THERE IS!
    My concerns with Meyer is concerning his "HEALTH CONCERNS", which I've stated a couple of times, on different posts.
    I don't think enough Cowboy fans, that want Meyer as the Cowboys' HEAD COACH, is taken his "HEALTH" into consideration enough. He has a CYST ON HIS BRAIN! This is POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS as a HEAD COACH! It's the "REASON" he "STEPPED DOWN" from Ohio State. His doctors told him, to "CUT DOWN" ON STRESS, TRY NOT TO YELL, AND TO TRY NOT TO BLOW HIS WHISTLE! All these things, PUT PRESSURE ON THE BRAIN! This is VERY "DANGEROUS" for a football coach! Last time I checked, it looked like it can't be operated on. I heard, the doctors drained it a couple of times, but the fluid keeps building back up. When the fluid kept building back up, that was when Meyer decided to "STEP DOWN." The "PROBLEM" is still there, though! He's just been avoiding the STRESS of coaching, but that STRESS will INCREASE, if he becomes an NFL COACH, ESPECIALLY IF HE COACHES THE COWBOYS!
    I'm not saying Dallas shouldn't hire him. I'm just saying, his HEALTH should be taken into consideration, which I'm pretty sure it has by the Jones', but his HEALTH should be taken into consideration by the fans, too.
    If there are "COACHING CANDIDATES" that are "CLOSE ENOUGH" to what they think they can get from Meyer, "WITHOUT" the "HEALTH ISSUES", Dallas is probably "BETTER OFF", going with them, instead.

  23. Urban the 🐐

  24. YES LAW! Keeping it coming man. I don't watch much college football but am glad to hear that our (hopefully) next future coach has a mind for football and values special teams.

  25. We haven't had SPECIAL TEAMS since woody dantzler and NOBODY did nothing about it

  26. Jason Garrett is a moron whos smartest scheme was getting Jerry to adopt him

  27. I'll start off by saying: I Love The Dallas Cowboys! So I'm watching New Orleans Saints playing the San Francisco 49ers. These two teams from what I'm observing ARE professional NFL teams! Dallas Cowboys are not at the level of play these two teams are. I don't believe they are very far away from their level but they ain't there. To compete they need to. It looks like 49ers will win this game.

  28. Appreciate the video and info on Urban. So valuable. I'm a fan of his, he could be our next HC.

  29. I think he might just be our next head coach🀞

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