✭ Dallas Cowboys | Should They Win Against The Washington Redskins? The FINALITY…

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  1. Law, we always play to win! No matter what?! It’s a game, draft stock, who cares already (Trysten Hill example) let’s win! Hate the Eagles but hate the Redskins too! Thanks Law!

  2. It's for the best that they lose . They won't be going anywhere in the post season anyway and we just need to move on from Garrett .
    I feel if Cowboys make the post season Jerry might use that as an excuse to keep him

  3. Can't loose to the Skins…. No no no no….

  4. Mets lose. Get Lamb or Murray

  5. Redskins want to lose as well

  6. Check this link to a Gordon Ramsay video….pay special attention to the end of the video with the outdoor smoker. What Gordon says about the equipment is the Cowboys in a nutshell.
    Go to 2:57


  7. It's too late for should of, could of, would of, that ship has sailed.

  8. I want my Dallas Cowboys Nation to win this Big Game against Washington Redskin's " unprepared player's we have it's the Clapper Jason Garrett not doing a good job for 10 long years off under achievers, undisipline, all we got to is bring a tough, rough ,firm and Strong dedicated hard noise enough for these soft and Cream puff.
    Coaches and Cream puff pastry Player's , soft as melted butter or Whip Cream 🎤⤴🍧🍦🍨
    🍶and here is a bottle of milk 🍶for you take me out of the Game because , I am too Whip Cream, Soft .

    Oh yeah back in Olden days ,Drew Pearson would have stayed in the game , Robert Newhouse would have stayed in the game.

    Randy White , Harvey Martin to Would have stayed in the game. To sike the QB ".

    The Great Tony Dorsett Would have stayed in the game, and The Great Tom Landry when he was player in the 1950's Would have stayed in the game.

    Dallas Cowboys Nation 👏🙍🎙🕩🎤👀☜👓🗯👕👖👔👛👜👝👙🕶🗯🍦🍧🍨🍶👓☜ " Do you see this soft as melted Butter as melted Ice Cream, Whipped Cream that go on Cake , and like a sweet "Hawaiian Delight Cake " 🍰🎂 Can't STOP a River of Cream cheese and Ah" Oh" yeah that tastes good !

    Brothers and Sisters "
    Our Dallas Cowboys are in so much trouble with him " stinking Clapper Jason Garrett.

    Dallas Cowboys Nation " America's Team.
    A change is needed ".. ➡⤵💯✔⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤
    Dallas Cowboys " are soft.

    Forrest Gump would say that's all i got too say about that.
    Peace and Soul Brothers and Sisters. ✌✊👮👧👱👦👳👸💂👩🙇🙏🙋🙅👮
    Happy New year to all God Children's and to Remember to Love one another, JESUS CHRISTis LOVE ❤💯✔✌✊

    Michael Angelo in Tallahassee Fl.

  9. Of course, they should win, if anything to FORCE the Eagles to HAVE to win their game to get in. If we lose, the Eagles don't have to win their game. I don't want to make it easy for them.

  10. The lights might still be on let's get this win

  11. Im hoping we conclude the season on Sunday so we can start to focus on the new HC and staff and the future. Think about it people, if by some chance we get in the "back door" and get to the playoffs we are going to get beat down. It's not rocket science. This team is lost. This team has no leadership, no heart, no motivation and it's time to move on. Time to focus on the future. This season has been a disgrace. Truly a disaster!

  12. I do know already about this team. I do not need another game to know about the Cowboys. Jerry Jones is old. The coach is faithful. The responsibility of success or failure is with the head coach. No one can fire Jerry. Cowboys are fat and ugly. They are not hungry because they do not know what hunger is. Bob Lilly, Craig Morton and Bob Hayes are not amused with the present day Cowboys. No one can be successful without hard works. Stop supporting them.

  13. We will win against the Redskins….eagles will lose. Go Cowboys. We will go on a run…look out nfc!!! We coming…them boyz

  14. What was Dez referring to in that post?

  15. Law, imagine living here in Philly and being a Cowboys fan knowing that your team embarrasses you in a way like no other. Talent can be brought to another level with the right individual behind you. I remember in high school and on the wrestling team. I waa told i was the best talent at my weight class. We had a long time honored and respected coach who kept the team every season around 6 wins out of 19 teams. Again, our coach was Dr. GRABFELDER, a man who breathed the sport. As soon as he took ill, we got another coach in who was at best mid level talent at coaching. Law, i lie to you not, in 1 season, he got us to 17 wins and i took 2nd in the city. I was taught previously That with my strength alone I could beat my opponents. I believed that and wrestled at that level only coming away with partial wins and partial losses. What the new coach taught me was, don't let the guy beat you before you even step on the mat with him. He taught me things that I had never heard before about myself and most importantly he taught me how to handle being intimidated, and also how to intimidate. In other words he saw my talent and what I had besides being very muscular and strong, and he turned my speed and agility into a force on the mat for my opposing foes. New direction is something, if we had a coach that can come in and take a good look at our team and build our weaknesses up and just massage our strengths I think this team can go far. The Irony is I got a college scholarship for wrestling through this mediocre coach and really believe that had my previous coach who was honored coached me, i would not have even smelled a scholarship!!!
    Its something….. I been sitting in those stands since 1973 watching our cowboys so you know I've seen it all. The only thing is, I've never seen a season like this in my life

  16. The way I look at is if we are not equipped to go win the super bowl I would rather take the L get the higher draft pick regroup we a new coaching staff & some new players & prepare for battle next season. 🤷🏾‍♂️. But we all new in typical cowboys fashion they will blow the redskins out & we will be 8/8 of course

  17. Play to win bro….regardless. Either way they can't get a winning record this year. Anyone that say to just sell out needs to be slapped and should just choose another team….

  18. Win would be good. Just don't see it happening. No one really lets the boyz play. Leave the coaches out of this game.

  19. Your accurate on everything Law Nation! Especially in regards to Darren Woodson#28.

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