The Dallas Cowboys Round Table Talk With Foots DaKing , Voch Lombardi, AKOYE Media & Law Nation


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Great show love the conversations

  2. Green bay at the end didnt give McCartney help on d an I agree he gonna run the ball doubt if he had a rock runner in green bay that he wouldnt run I call bs cause he would have.

  3. Mike Nolan is a. Poor defensive coordinator, his defenses consistently land bottom 10 in the league

  4. This trio is on it CowboyNation….

  5. Man great stream you four are killing it keep it up brother’s Go Cowboys 👊💯⭐️

  6. Foots gotta upgrade his set-up. Law I can tell u invested a lot into yours and its paying off. U got a great set up bro! High quality and professional

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