The Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions | POST game and Analysis

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  1. Defence needs to be better stop given up to many yards lanes gaps block together pressure sack get turnovers

  2. Watching big bill playing chess with the fleagulls and as he dissected them like a 5th grade frog science project. I see him as the chess master compared to the clapper sitting in the corner in a full pissy shitty diaper playing tic tac toe,and bill just walks up taking the clappers big inedible kiddy crayons ,snapping them in 2 and bitch slapping him upside the head after taking his lunch money! The clappers a straight up bitch who pees sitting down, compared to most coaches in the league and even into college and high school!!! Hopefully our boys can out talent them and rise above, it'll certainly be a challenge this week, lets frikkin go Ka-boyz! That's my quarterDak! Finally nice to see people appreciating him, although he's been balling out imo since day one in the silver and blue!!! Thanks again Lawman! ▪☆☆☆▪

  3. Don’t sign dak just yet wiggle that carrot in front of him a little more we all no our last 2 big signings haven’t lived up to the $

  4. Since we are quick to point fingers to garret for a loss come on everybody and thank the man for a win now let’s give him credit not just blame

  5. Have been saying this since the beginning of the season, using pollard,Jarwin although he was limited, and a more imaginative play calling this team can be lethal. Some design running calls for Prescott can help also…. This team is talented just a matter of pressing the right buttons.

  6. Y we can’t use polard like that every game

  7. @law nation I heard you was looking for me. I haven't went no where it still Houston all day!! But Congratulations on the win against the LIONS I guess!!!!

  8. Belichik is gonna run the football straight at us

  9. Could someone explain to me why they just refuse to put Pollard in very much I would want him in with Zeke at the same time but they will not do it

  10. Its obvious other teams have picked up on cowboys defensive schemes. Coach Rachard has not made the proper adjustments.

  11. Folks have unrealistic expectations for the Dallas Cowboys, like they’re invincible and they’re gonna blow out every team that step on the field. As if the players on the other team don’t get paid millions and they don’t have heart to play. While I do agree that they’re not playing up to expectations nor potential, but you are what your record says you are, which is mediocre. We will win the division by default. But what about after that? When we actually playing in the playoffs

  12. Def not feelin the d right now i think theyre wats killin us at same time we cant giv up field position and expect our d to b on the field all game need to sustain drives and play field position

  13. Zeke had a lot of burst on that string play

  14. Nobody aside from the Vikings have beat the lions by more points that we did and they only beat the lions by 12 pts. Lions have had to play vs Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Carson Wentz.

    Don’t listen to the “ITS THE LIONS” hate because it isn’t valid.

  15. What’s going on with our run blocking pass blocking been great

  16. Screenshot_2019-11-17-19-46-26.png

  17. Imagine if we didnt have D4K . Our defense sucks

  18. they say the cowboys have the number 1 offensive in all of football… the poor record is due to the defense

  19. DEFENSE!! DC4L!!🏈

  20. The Richard Defensive scheme just don't work ,teams are killing us over the middle ,2 of the worse offensive teams destroyed us over the middle ,Jets and Lions are CBs aren't tackling well and we can't stop practice squad RBs this D gets woerse every week

  21. Man, Brady is NO THREAT TO US!!!!

  22. Man that d can't tackle the coach cant see that oh my God that defense is pathetic

  23. We couldnt stop Driskel, imagine what Brady is gonna do

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