The Dallas Cowboys Finally Officially Moved On From Jason Garrett | Who Will Be The Next Coach?????

Cowboys head coach search update: Mike McCarthy interview goes very well. McCarthy’s visit. “That went so well I’m told Mike McCarthy is actually still there, …


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  1. U bunch of Meatheads u think fireing Gert is going change something, damm get that old fart Jerry Jones 1st and things well change that dude has bad evil vabartion.

  2. Bro your hair looks good do you use anything to keep it like that?

  3. Wade Phillips out there 👀

  4. McCarthy won't be a lame duck coach. I think Jerry will give him the power he needs to gather this team under his voice. Sure Jerry will do his thing but in the meetings Jerry will not be there.
    As for K.Moore, I don't know if he will be there because McCarthy usually calls his plays.
    So we will see. I always thought that Jerry would pick him because he wants a coach with a wining record
    in the S.B. As for the other coaches, we need to clean house and get a new defensive Co.

  5. Law, what doesn’t McCarthy have that others don’t know, something about his study into every position, yada yada, sounds like an snake oil salesman jargon! I wanted a passionate, tough, defensive minded, head coach! Not a retread! People knows his tendencies, just look at the tape he has at Green Bay! Why r we rushing to hire now, when we dragged out JG! I agree with you with Buffalo with their mocking of our players! All good Law! All fair in love and war! Mahalo, Yong

  6. ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

  7. I call it Mike McCarthy is in the building.

  8. It is official McCarthy new HC for the Cowboys

  9. Dallas Cowboys agree to terms with new HC Mike McCarthy

  10. That thumbnail trips me out every time,, lol

  11. The other things I'll say is if we had kept Dan Bailey & signed a temp K, our record could have been a lot different. I'll never understand why teams put such a low priority on ST when it's 1/3 of the dang team! The other is that I have a feeling Coach Zimmer may be coming home. Jerry didn't realize what a great DC he was until he left. Now he knows not only that but also that he's a very good HC.

  12. Philly kept the WRONG Quarterback!!! LMAO!!! And I'm with you Law, we gotta have a GREAT Safety & a big, immovable DT on D. Outstanding vids ALL year, Law. I appreciate you, Brother.

  13. Malcom jenkins would help our secondary big time. Im jus sayin

  14. We as Cowboys fans are in no position to talk smack about Philly. They were banged up with injuries all year and still had a better season than our high rated allstar team! We should care more about our own team and hold people accountable for the obvious lack of performance throughout the season.

  15. What happened to the beard

  16. ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭
    HI GUYS 👋🏾 … no more!!!!!

  17. Lol they lost don't feel bad for them

  18. I want to see the excuses now Jason Garrett isn't around to take the blame?

  19. I hope you cowboys who didn't even show up to beat the eagles u ain't shit Jason Garrett not the problem these individual players who gave up and half played Jerry Jones still will run shit I respect cowboys of old not you dumbass new cowboys

  20. Wentz broke the NFL record for least yards by a QB in a playoff game

  21. I’m okay with McCarthy, the interview he put out a couple weeks ago seems he wants to redeem himself. How soon you think they hire someone? I’m ready to know who it’s going to be.

  22. I think Mike McCarthy as our Head Coach and Marvin Lewis as our Defensive Coordinator would be a very good match. First McCarthy has always developed Quarterbacks very well and he has been to many big games. McCarthy is a Offensive Genius. Marvin Lewis would make a great Defensive Coordinator; I think he got a bad situation with Cincinnati because of the owner too set in his way because if you go back to his history before that he was a great Defensive Coach. Also if you would remember that one year that Carson Palmer had a great year and was leading Cincinnati very well in the playoffs before Palmer got hurt. That year Cincinnati had a great record and looked like a Super Bowl Contender that year before Palmer got hurt in the playoffs. Trust me I think this would be the perfect place for both of them. People said the same things about Belicheck before he got to New England. These two together can stabilize this franchise and it might lead to great things.

  23. Can you provide a link for me to buy some of your hats?

  24. What up brotha. I think the blame should mostly go on dak and zeak not playing up to par.. I feel dak should be tagged if he cant get it together with let him go .

  25. We. Can not get a coach from college. Its like bringing in a rookie to be a coach in the nfl. We need authority and someone that will cut you if you try to go over my head.

  26. We really need a coach that can coach and go against Jones. Or just let Jones be gm coach and owner. One year let him do that and see what the problem is.

  27. If Jerry is hires the right coach and get rid of players we don't need. Free up salary cap 💰 and get the right guys and continue to draft great players it's over

  28. Weneed a coach that Will say. lM THEBOSS I RUN THE TEAM. period. owner stay out of My SHIT. LET THE coach COACH. DAMN

  29. Cowboys fans cornered the market on mocking other fan bases. In short we started it. No other fan base did like we did it. Ask Stephen A. Smith. They are scared to death of the Cowboys ever being on top again. They know it's gone being epic? Can you imagine the entire country on fire. Not just in Philly or NY but the entire country in celebration. There are a lot of Cowboys fan who are too young to remember SB 27 and 28 or 30. The celebration would be coast to coast. Bigger than the Cubs which has the largest MLB fan base.

  30. Never down play how dedicated fans are to these franchises. You know how we're told to not talk politics or religion. Football is slowly becoming forbidden topics of talk. You know why Cowboys fans catch so much hell from other fan bases? During tbe SBs of the 90s they were so dominant the our fan base talked so much trash until their hatred for the Cowboys became greater than their love for their own teams. Maybe with the exception for the Eagles fan base. The Eagles hate for Dallas has been too too real.

  31. You forget that the Cowboys defeated the Bills in back2back SBs. Them mocking the Cowboys is very understandable. If not for a Don Bebe TD saving play. The Bills suffer the most embarrassing lost in SB history. They were humiliated by our then HC watching the news picking up a play that turned SB XXVIII in Cowboys favor. Don't forget one of the most amazing comebacks in history too. Romo throwing 5 INTs but manages to get the win still. So don't think the Bills don't hate the Cowboys. If you polled Cowboys fans about what team they hate. Steelers would top the list with 49ers being a close 2nd. Those two teams are the Cowboys true rivals.


  33. They can move on from Hill & a few players.

  34. Damn the Buffalo AFC Bills.

  35. Law Nation.
    Nothing But The Best.

  36. Un Like You Law I am Here To CHEER ! That Jason Garrett is Gone FINALLY !!!! Now My Hope is Jerry Takes His Time Like "He Did To Get Rid of JG" and Interview Plenty of HC Candidates

  37. Philly played a real discipline team got beat I knew they were gonna show up to lose 👍

  38. The way I see things. It's time to go back to the basics. The fundamentals. The Vikings went to the Saints and punched them right in the chops. The Titans did the same at New England. This is what I would like to see the Cowboys do. So let's hope whomever takes over, comes with that philosophy. As for teams needs. When the team is watching the playoffs instead of playing in them, there are problems everywhere. The OL/DL needs big time attention. That's where it starts. Pretty much the whole defense needs to be overhauled and modernized. But there are positives. Forbath is a good K. Blake Jarwin should get his time to shine. Zeke is Zeke. Dak. I thought he threw better this year. Credit to Jon Kitna. I truly believe Dak's best days are yet to come. So Time to turn that page. A new face, a new voice, a new leader, a new beginning. But as always these OUR DALLAS COWBOYS will be ready to fight. And as long as they line up and play this great game. let's stay in their corner no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. AMERICA'S TEAM WILL RISE AGAIN. THIS IS FOOTBALL

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