Critical Analysis of Dallas Cowboys Chidobe Awuzie Defensive Back Play

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  1. Just found this channel I love your outro dude

  2. The worst player on the team and they said resign him before Jones GTFOH awuzie is the problem on the defense he couldn't cover a twin sized bed with a king sized sheet want a completion just throw to whoever 24 is covering

  3. One, he not physical enough & NOT ENOUGH PASS RUSH & PRESSURE

  4. I agree with you Law. He doesn't get burnt however, because he doesn't get physical those wide outs take advantage.

  5. "Law Nation" is my new coach!!!

  6. Your Football IQ is a head above the rest. When I watch your videos, I learn something everytime! You're on your business, man. Thanks.

  7. So no coaches told him yet to be aggressive?? Bump him knock him off his route! Simple…

  8. So is Lewis in the Doghouse right now?? Or??
    Bcouse they don't play Him!

  9. Chido got burned last week

  10. He's a safety bro… Jordan Lewis is the better cornerback!! Put Chido where heath is and Lewis at corner it's not rocket science.. great footage bro!!!

  11. He has to learn to get his head turned around to play the ball. Until then, every team is going to pick on him.

  12. Jourdan Lewis is 5’10 190lbs. Idk how physical you think he’ll be off the line or how effective it will be lol

  13. Damn Law not Chido… I been wondering why he getting caught on a lot even though he always be right there

  14. He rplays more like a free saftey

  15. He needs to play slot or saftey like he did in college. JLew is better than him & brown. Idk why kris richard doesn't see that.

  16. Very frustrating. Good stuff Law. Good QBs are gonna capitalize on his poor technique.

  17. No wonder his man is making a great catch all the time. He let his man run free like he's doing a regular practice

  18. Damn Law I appreciate u for pointing this out but now unfortunately I have no more confidence in him if he doing the same thing this week he needs to be benched or put at safety so he can see the ball coming a mile away and maybe just maybe he could make a play on it 🤦🏽‍♂️

  19. I feel like he will flip back and forth between physical and non-physical and I think I will turnaround quickly and be physical against the saints

  20. @Law Nation I agree. Ive always always always said start Jordan Lewis. He has a chip on his shoulder plus he's a great cover guy. If u can find some film on Jordan Lewis. Dallas would be great with Byron Jones and Jordan Lewis along with chido, I actually like chido over Anthony brown brown is to slow. And he isn't a great cover guy. Actually gets beat to me more than awuzie what u think?

  21. Tra'quon Smith is about to kill us. I liked Chido his 1st year, but watching, I'd rather have Lewis as the starter there.

  22. isnt it a penalty if you hold the receiver like that?

  23. I wonder why they don't have Lewis starting over him

  24. Teams know they can attack him smh Miami came into that game attacking his side & he didnt adjust. I love him as a player but I need him to turn his head & track that ball. He gets so grabby at times. I WANT J LEWIS TO GET HIS SHOT IM TIRED OF US SETTLING

  25. I truly believe if Lewis was 6'0 He would start over chido and Anonthy he tackles better then both of them I really believe Dallas needs to draft corners that can play zone and play press coverage adequately both of our starting corners can't catch to save their lives .

  26. ..well if you really look at it if it wasnt for that chido penalty wouldn't have happened that kenyon drake turnover wouldn't have happened either😁

  27. I think you're being a little hard on the guy, every play you showed of Richard Sherman he was holding guys. You can't get away with that now. I'm surprised he got away with it then. In my opinion, Awuzie is the second best corner we've had over the past fifteen years or so, aside from Jones. Like Jones, he'll improve. He's still young.

  28. Jordan Lewis time… he’s not a 🐕 he’s soft to damn nice reminds me of used Carr always there to make a tackle not a play on the 🏈

  29. You think Dallas should trade for Ramsey?

  30. What’s up law? Great video film breakdown, could you do a college film breakdown on awuzie? Or on all of are corners

  31. Lewis? We definitely have to clean up these things…

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