The Dallas Cowboys Journey To The Final GAME! What Is On The Menu???

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  1. If we get urban Meyer Jerry better let him hire whoever the hell he wants !! Let him build his coaching staff not jerry

  2. I'm tired of being right about my boys I'll be so glad when they prove me wrong

  3. I am done with the Cowboys this season, I am a life long fan but I got no more energy or emotions to invest in them this year, I will reingage at draft time , hopefully with a new coach

  4. The last time I really had that solid we're going to smoke šŸš¬ these fools feeling was somewhere back in the mid 90s during our J.J. ass kicking dynastic run for a few years! That's how long ago,and that's really frikkin pathetic!!! Cuz clappy always finds a way to blow a 20+ point lead coming out of halftime!!! He'll start throwing the damn ball all over the joint like we're playing from behind instead of simply running the rock and controlling along with killing the clock ā°!!! How the Frank can't jerruh,for such a "canny business maverick" not see that clappys been nothing but a blatant and obvious FAILURE from jump?!?!? How?!? Willful Blindness and stupidity or what?!?!witten I never wanted back!!!!clappy and jerruh's meddling,by bringing him back, pushed our young tight ends development back another year plus! because of his selfishness,he's stinking up the field with his slowness and drops more balls than he catches!!!! So honestly,what's so great and beneficial to the team by bringing him back?!? I'll wait,and wait until we get a Lombardi and it'll be the same answer for as long an amount of time for both!!!!! This team is the exact opposite of how the pats run their organization,and just look at the history and results!!!!! Thanks again guys!!!!!!

  5. Kellin ran our first 3 games of the season and kicked ass and took names!!! Then clappy and his ego took over for the saints game and since then we've been sucking hind teet ever since! And it's ALL clappy and jerruh's fault its been nothing but a shit show!!! No player discipline,no coaching skills with game scheming around Dak's or coops injuries either!!! Flush 98% of coaching and a handful of bad players!!! Get a REAL non puppet coach and get jerruh Magoo the hell out of the locker room and give will mcclay the GM job in total!!!! Jerruh gtfoof and hire the right pros to run this shit show into a shining new Lombardi!!! Get your ego the F out of here and let others succeed!!!!!–**

  6. You are what you are and this team is 7 and 8 !! It is what it is this team is trash!!! Jerra needs to get a real head coach and coaching staff!!! This team is garbage!!! All of this players are overrated just like the coaches and the gms!!! Thay all suck !!!

  7. Law and Big Game.. it was the year we played against the Packers.. when the refs took away that pass from Dez Bryant..

  8. Garrett is great everyday except Sunday. Cowboys need and deserve a guy who can draw a play in the dirt in the clutch to win one! Garrett 100% relies on the players. Gotta coach em

  9. It was the coaching staff that hasn't changed over all these years

  10. It cannot be the players.. if it really was the players.. then explain to me how when our cowboys team had different players on the roster.. that we still lost games??? šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”. It has to be the coaching staff and management

  11. Until Jerry Jones fires Jason Garrett and the whole coaching staff is fired!!! And he hires a General Manager we will continue to be trash šŸ—‘ļøšŸ—‘ļøšŸ—‘ļø

  12. Law I'm so done!!! Yo.. damn this team! šŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ˜”

  13. What's on the menu 1st booty boot toe jam cause the Cowboys stink!!!!

  14. Guys one thing i'd like to see is the Cowboys taking care of business. Make plays and touchdowns with NO CELEBRATION UNTIL THE GAME IS OVER. JUST HANDLING BUSINESS.!!

  15. I'm sorry guys but when i seen us play and loose to the Colts, and the way the Defense played i knew we were not going anywhere and wouldn't be able to beat other good teams. ALL HYPE!!! DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!! Next year there really going to have to get it together.

  16. Hey fellas i heard that after that loss to the eagles, the team was having a good time on the plane choppin it up and shit. What the hell. Right there that told me Garrett's got to go Music, Music!! It should've been quiet as a church mouse on that plane. Because that's what loosing sounds like. Real Quiet!!!!! Shit lets bring someone in there that'll send them guys packing there shit, cause you just been cut. Accountability !!! Is what we Want, and Playmakers. ONE!!!

  17. My favorite dallas cowboys show. I love Big Game James & Law together.

  18. Dam a 3 hour episode woah

  19. Dallas once again like the past 10 years up and down with wins . Sadly EXTREMELY INCONSISTENT. PERIOD. NO EXCUSE . BLAME THE PLAYERS.

  20. I have a strange feeling that the Cowboys are going to win and the Giants are going to upset the Eagles. In a weird way I hope Iā€™m wrong. This season just needs to end.

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  24. Does it ever even cross anyone's mind that these games could be fixed? Especially when that's exactly what it LOOKS like? All it takes is a dropped pass" or a bad throw. Or a bogus penalty call at that crucial moment. Or a intentional penalty at that crucial moment. EASILY fixed…any game – any given Sunday.

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