My Observations of Michael Bennett Newly Signed Dallas Cowboys

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  1. Many other teas should do same thing

  2. Cowboys are a joke. If he had any value. The Patriots would have keep him. What did we trade him for? Exactly

  3. Michael Bennett will be a good aspect to the Cowboys defense with the skill set and talent that he can bring to the table, the defense will be stronger than ever.


  5. Looks like we will have a Triple Threat Defensively and Offensively…
    HotBoys gone be HoT on them QBs

  6. πŸ‘πŸΎ
    Like Bennett's game a lot and hope it works out.

    Yes he's powerful but it's not just power.

    Look how he uses his length to overpower interior lineman and walk them into the backfield.

    That's elite technique right their combined with raw power.

    Hope he can bring that with him in Dallas.

  7. Long as he earns our respect he good but gotta get him in the mix

  8. Tyrone Crawford probably getting benched or traded hopefully lol

  9. Quin law and bennett that's πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  10. I have watched the Cowboys vs Egirls game 15 times and I can only tell you that it doesn't get old. Wow what a VICTORY!!🍻🀠🍻🀠🍻🀠

  11. The cowboys play with the lead much differently and imo worse than the patriots play with the lead.

  12. Law, I think its a GREAT signing. What worries me is will he be a starter? and if he is where will he play? He isnt taking Quinn spot for sure. Isn't Bennett a better DE than DT?

  13. On top of that: He and Kris Richard probably know each other, and how to get the maximum effect from the technique Kris worked on him from his early year's !!
    The old adage says: Defense wins Championships, and I'm imagining Our front 4 in: Tank, Michael, Maliek, and Quinn (they said he no longer is what he was, but see what he's brought in limited time) and Michael having learned from Kris will have to feel like Coming Home, just in a different/better uniform) and those 4 Iining up will have to be a scary sight to Our opposing QB's πŸ’― Only instead of seeing Ghosts on Our team, will be seeing their own Ghosts πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» as they're swallowed up by the 4 Horseman up front πŸ’― All of a sudden, the future looks much less of a struggle & more like the Doomsday Defense V 2.0 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯β­πŸˆπŸ‘€

  14. Now only if we can replace heath trash ass πŸ™„

  15. He better not take a knee for the Cowboys

  16. A significant upgrade to Crawford but a bit of a head case. If we can keep his demons in check and focused on football, we got a bargain.

  17. Never been a huge fan and he has a long track record for some reason. If he can bring some leadership and results to the team I am more than happy he is there.

  18. Never been a huge fan and he has a long track record for some reason. If he can bring some leadership and results to the team I am more than happy he is there.

  19. Never been a huge fan and he has a long track record for some reason. If he can bring some leadership and results to the team I am more than happy he is there.

  20. I'm sure that management isn't going to just put up with anything, I'm sure that they will have parameters set up and in place for him along with that short leash. Jones, already asked the Patriots coach if there was a problem for him to stand and salute the American flag!

  21. I like players whose Jersey I’ll let my kid wear. He’s not a good person. Character > Skill

  22. Great summary LN!! Always look forward to you videos! Keep them up!!

  23. i love him and will miss him, but dallas staff kinda sucks balls.

  24. Hes gonna ball out for kris richard and something about that star will light his πŸ”₯his pure strength is underestimated and he loves playing the game πŸ‘ŠπŸ₯Š

  25. He brings an even more level of intensity and toughness we just gotta hope the secondary starts playing better but the d line is loaded

  26. We cant stop their front office really got to try and snag Damon Harrison fuck the picks we got to go all in this year

  27. Great Video. This is a great addition for the Cowboys n he's bac with a Coach that knows him πŸ’―

  28. What's in this deal for the Pats? I mean what's REALLY in it for the Pats? πŸ™„

  29. Do you think he will start ?

  30. Put in Quinn and Bennett together..Fuck D.Law,he got all that money and got lazy..he adds no pressure to the cowboys Defense

  31. He is a idiot and will take a knee eventually. it is in him and it has to come out.

  32. I remember him beating up Dak all the time. Good to see him on our side now!

  33. Wonder what number he is gonna wear. Tyron aint gonna give up his number lol

  34. Great pickup… Will make opposing offenses have to readjust their blocking scheme to account for him which will provide more play opportunities for D-Law and others!!!



  37. Eagles really fuked up letting him go

  38. Streeeength.
    Not strinth.
    Not Ont.

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