The Dallas Cowboys Add Defensive Back DJ White To Practice Squad ✭

The roster churning has begun. When the poaching of a team’s roster begins in the NFL, there’s only one thing left to do and that’s go hunting for more players.


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  1. Strong Safety material?

  2. I watched this dude in that preseason game, he's not bad.

  3. Hey Bruh, I love the pick-up !! Altho I'm still mad (furious, if we're being real 😠) that Dak still doesn't have his contract done !!
    With that being said I think his thought process will bring some NASTY to Our D 💯👀

  4. He on the practice squad because teams know they gone have to pay that man now if he continue to make big plays here in Dallas let's see

  5. For the very few clips you've managed to dig out here,
    He's definitely engaging in both coverage and down hill Law Nation

    He seems to be pretty good in ST's also
    Fearlessness seems to accompany confidence and desire to achieve

    We've gotta prepare for the many FA's, (28 I believe), we gave this upcoming off-season
    DB is among the position groups we have to address

    Kris Richard can bring out in DJ White, his absolute best

  6. We're talking about practice squad.
    Practice squad?

  7. Bro if he can't start for the KC defense why is he in the NFL.🤔🤔

  8. I like the confidence and technique DJ White displayed on the highlight reel.
    Kris Richard will Coach him up!
    Dawgs wanted in our secondary💪

  9. Dude should start over Chido

  10. He ain't s*%t …… don't act like they got something they didn't.

  11. Good pick up, he could be refining his skills and maybe makes the 53?!?!?! Mahalo for sharing, Yong

  12. His skill sets suggest he may play sooner than later IMO. How did he go from PT to da practice squad🤔 I hope this is a blessing in disguise for the run Dallas need to go on to put this division squarely in their control🔥💯

  13. So he has only 2 highlights…

  14. Might be Brown's replacement since he's hitting FA.

  15. Is the great add to the theme overall pick up going to add some depth to the back of that cement in that secondary Richard you know he knows he knows what he's doing better to take me to not be more happier

  16. I wish they could add DB Eric Berry as well…


  18. CB Michael Jackson was signed from our practice squad to the cheif's roster so I guess this is the replacement

  19. Law Nation looking for Road Hogs in the middle of the defense! Look better than Anthony Brown already tape don’t lie.

  20. We drafted a Safety who had 3 interceptions in preseason, and they've yet to allow him on the field this season. No way does this practice squad cat, jump over The Safety we already have.. Cowboys need to wake the hell up and get Donovan Wilson on the damn field😡

  21. Dj White looks good and hopefully he could find his way into the rotation from the practice squad

  22. He looks good so far yet we need a real safety

  23. He’s gonna play safety watch. He plays like one

  24. Nah, i don't like him slamming him on his neck, that's dangerous and potentially deadly! Fuck that

  25. I know in off the subject but im still disappointed about hill picked over thornhill. now all of you can see why..same thing I saw when they picked taco. just a project player not a high draft

  26. Apparently the front office sees the same thing you see Law…he plays with a chip on his shoulder!

  27. you can tell just by the few plays that his problem will be in the open field vs double moves kinda like lattimore was in the beginning…is what I think

  28. Michael Jackson's replacement

  29. I don't like the move at all

  30. Look aggressive but man law quick thought would you make a trade for b baker from cardinals? He is nice

  31. They are replacing Michael White

  32. Damn yu only found 2 highlight plays

  33. 🗣We Need a SAFETY

  34. Hes better than ab

  35. I don’t get it is this why they didn’t take Adams? Cheaper?

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