Dallas Cowboys Kellen Moore Offensive Scheme | Simple, Yet Complex…

Film room: Cowboys-Redskins Kellen Moore is hot right now. Another week, another dazzling display for the offense under the watchful eye of play-caller Kellen …


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  1. "If he is even, I'm leaving." And "if he reaching, I'm teaching."

  2. Let's see what happens today against that staunch Dolphins defense

  3. I still can't believe lineman held on to his job that long!!!!

  4. He did the same in highschool under his dad and was an extension of the coach at Boise State where he ran a high effective offense and was featured on John Gruden QB show! Not surprised at Moore but at The Cowboys for nor seeing how poor an OC Scott L was during his time in Dallas!

  5. Williams isn't cutting it ladies and gents.. smh

  6. Nice to see this young team coming all together as ☝️

  7. Blake Jarwin being a former receiver is a big plus

  8. Yeahhhh that's a bread & butter play which give Dak alot of options which if the saftey does come up than that's Cobb taking to the house if it's thrown in stride. But I can tell Dak been working hard in the offseason on seeing the field & not being scared on letting the ball go on what he see & that's one simple easy step that's making him become elite. His accuracy has gotten way better sense the time him & Carr had that throwing exhibition. Proud of the qb & proud Kellen letting him run as well also helps that's where Cam hurting at now. But Dak has a way better arm than Cam no comparison. Lol

  9. That was a great play. Connor William's did not have the best game. He needs to be better. Connor Williams allowed pressure on Daks INT and on the sack by Kerrigan.

  10. Pre-snap motion is the key in every set. If he sees the defender follow during pre-snap motion, it’s man (at least in part). If no follow, then it’s zone. Getting the answers prior to the exam makes for a more decisive (and more accurate) QB. Expect to see more blitzing over the next few weeks. Defensive coordinators are going to want to see Dak under pressure. If he prepares for it…expect more explosive plays in the next couple of weeks.

  11. I enjoy these short film sessions. Sometimes I don't have 10-20 minutes to watch. Keep em rollin Law!

  12. watching Old Man Witt in the blocking game is such a pleasure.

  13. What a ball smh

  14. Got damn that play is vicious!

  15. #52 worries me. I know 2nd yr. But damn.

  16. Its probably holding on 52. But Dak looks so much more decisive and the offense more creative. Loving this offense scheme with Dak plus Kitna, Moore guidance.

  17. Well looks like the Cowboys released Taco……..I guess no one wanted to trade for him…..

  18. good analysis! we need to watch #52 could be weakest line on O line

  19. Wow. Taco released

  20. That’s some good knowledge hit it on the nose because he is all pro with that set up and the offense will always win because of all the options 3 out of those plays will be plus 4 or 15 yards

  21. ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

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