✭ My Observations of SEAN LEE vs LA RAMS Game | Dallas Cowboys #50

Sean Lee intercepted a pass for the first time since 2017 to help set up a Dallas Cowboys’ touchdown late in the first half against the Los Angeles Rams.


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  1. He's awesome when healthy.. Just need to stay that way.

  2. Our stellar quarterback of the defence!!!! Man I just wish he was 5 years younger and healthy as a 🐎 horse!!! Oh well,hopefully he'll be healthy enough for the fleagulls,if not,as soon as possible without getting himself injured any more.

  3. When the General is healthy he's at his very best!! Talking Luke best arguably but it might be both law lol Coffee n water n being out for parctice. But he rushed Cam newton last year week 1 for a sack came right through the middle & got him. But he doing the dawg on thing tho & pray he continue to do so.

  4. If the D line can dominate the L.O.S Lee or Lewis can have a big game Sunday

  5. Lee looked like Chuck Howley in the Rams game.

  6. Let's not forget that Heath helped change things too

  7. Replay of Cowboy Ram game on NFL Network right now!

  8. Having The General to tutor the young pups is also a blessing. I hope that when his career is finally over, he is hired as part of the coaching staff.

  9. Whether it's the coffee or not. Keep doing whatever you're doing Sean lee. Just don't miss tackles on the gap like the two games before this.

  10. It's gotta be the damn coffee 😂😂let's go Cowboys 💪💯

  11. its prby his last year so he is giving it 100% till he can give no more. #cowboynation

  12. I think its that coffee in that water lol antwaun woods had sip of it and he had a monster game also 👀🧐

  13. If he rest all week you will get that same Sean Lee. Let's not forget he has been here for the 6 out of 9 losses. He cant be counted on unless he is well rested.

  14. As long as his soft tissue is strong enough to withstanding the reps….
    Our general is tops

  15. I really appreciate your breakdowns you do..ive learned more in the last 2 yrs from these videos ..ive been a cowboy fan since 1969 too lol…

  16. I heard he will not be playing against the Eagles is that right?

  17. Law, if Sean can rest…we might have a chance to run the table to the playoffs! How far we go will be left to the players and how well they adapt, make adjustments and play till the whistle blows! 110% every play till the season is over! Let’s go we got a chance, we have never got a late season win going into last two weeks in a long time! Let’s see how we do with Sean Lee, n DLaw, and our DT Antwaun Woods needs to ball out the next few weeks for us to have a chance! Go Dallas Cowboys 4 Life

  18. The General Blood Sweat and Tears Put it down For Us! We Dem Boyz

  19. Sean Lee knows the Eagles well too 😬

  20. Love me some Sean Lee!

  21. Is sean lee playing

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