✭ My Observations of Micheal Bennett First Dallas Cowboys Sack

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  1. Law nation! Thanks for this.

  2. Add 4 to the number and make it a titans jersey you got a much better player offensively

  3. Good observations man!cowboys all day!

  4. Coach could've sent Dak Prescott in for a quick sack against those guys. Bennett pushed his man passed onto the QB twice.

  5. Just wish they would of kept Irving I'd say best dline in nfl

  6. He's an Awesome beast Law he looks great yessir

  7. Have his baby then…

  8. Bennett is a DAWG point blank. May they continue to feed off everyone’s energy.

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  9. Welcome Bennett…

  10. It's crazy he's the piece the D been missing,

  11. I hope his contract leads into next season….

  12. Taco was complete garbage and a number one waste. MB knows he's in a battlefield. The will go down!!!

  13. That's what you call a play maker !!!! Tell me did the QB have a pocket to step up into ??? Nope and that's what I was expecting to see the guy will punch u in the chest he will make this Defensive line 10 times better and watch how many sacks as a group they will have by the end of the season!!! Jerry will see what he been missing all these years about a true Inside D lineman but he can play anywhere on the line and no he's not 300 pds but he plays like one!!!!

  14. That’s not gonna help the Cowgirls, Cowgirls keep playing crappy teams every week!! You and me could of beaten the worthless Giants!!

  15. Ok he had one sack let the shit roll lol 😂 stop rewinding

  16. Man I saw people saying he wasn’t active in celebrations and see your thumbnail and thought maybe someone thought he wasn’t happy… but whatever.. cowboy nation is happy..

  17. Pressure in the playoffs on the defensive end can literally become whether your a divisional round opponent or NFC championship opponent. Goodluck boyz ita been to long since you been to the promise land

  18. One sample and it was the Giants. BUT this looks very promising. D-Law, Bennett, Collins and Quinn are scary. By the end of the others were fresh and in and feeding as well. Need these guys to light it up against the Vikings.

  19. I wish they could have got earl Thomas when he was available

  20. I really think he is a great ad the Cowboys couldn't added better player yeah he's a little bit older but he can still playing like he is like there's no tomorrow he is a great dad he's worth the money

  21. Can’t help but think how garbage T Craw was
    He was holding the d back
    Nobody would say it
    Dallas media doubles down on how valuable he was lol and how much they love him

  22. Michael Bennett is the GOAT!!!!!!!!!


  24. Reminds me of that '93 COWBOYS DEFENSE 💙💙💙 #DC4L

  25. Welcome to the #hotboyz bennett. We sure as hell happy to have you. #DC4L

  26. How can anyone not like Michael Bennett? I guess he didn't like the so called, "Patriot Way! He's back playing football in his home state … Texas. (Aleif Taylor High School in Houston.)

  27. I believe Bennett will really show all his true stars on Thanksgiving

  28. I am happy he's wearing the star on his helmet.

  29. Lots of cowboy fans don't want him here.

  30. y'all act like we beat the Patriots or something good God Almighty they beat the Giants whoop Whoopi

  31. Watzup Law Nation
    Another key fact about Bennett wearing the kickers shoulder pads us so that Olinemen NOT having the normal bulky shoulder pads to grab hold of foreverage and control of him

    That's smarts as well as bronze

    Thx Law

  32. He changes the D line. The added pressure on opposing O lines. The coverage will change. The blitz packages. This will only improve the Dallas defence. Regardless of what happened in New England with him. I hope he has a breakout game against them in a few weeks @ New England. I hope he twists Mr. Perfect Tom Brady into a pretzel. I'm from Rhode Island and I'm sick and tired of them. I'd give anything to beat them here in their house. It's gonna be a hard task, I hope we are ready for these up and coming games..DC4L 👍 💪 💲 💰 👌 ,

  33. He just a beast that's all there is

  34. For a 7th round pick man that’s a steal

  35. I don't Bennet wants to be a cowboy from the sideline video I seen

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