✭ My Observations of Sean Lee Dallas Cowboys vs NY Giants Game

Monday night was one of Sean Lee’s finest hours When was the last time that we saw this Sean Lee? It’s hard to recall. Cowboys fans everywhere have been so …


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  1. I actually attended this game, Lee had to play the entire game since LVE was hurt. I hope he is back, the guy is great when he is healthy. He actually played in all 16 games this year.

  2. Hey Law it’s 720 that called you up and talked about putting Sean Lee back at Mike or Whip instead of Sam as force. Good vid man and good looking.

  3. Fuck the sean lee haters

  4. He would've been something special if his body wasn't a bag of potato chips!!!

  5. A real football player, master of the game. His cerebral for the game is like having a player and coach on the field.

  6. He’s bad ass
    Goooo cowboys

  7. The round table of hotboys better mention Sean Lee at their next meeting

  8. We talk in one off the smartest dude in the league. And when healthy can go sideline to sideline a master at hitten u hard.love that guy a real leader..cowboy fan 74.

  9. We must destroy Minnesota, they need to turn it up now, no looking back, they have to attack and blow this overrated team out in our house! Then blowout the Bills on thanksgiving! Then go into New England and shut the critics up for good! Shawn Lee is a beast! No more talk, it’s been way to long, do it now Dallas, let’s play San Fran in the NFC championship game and bring back the ultimate NFC Championship game! And beat them, knock the door down Dallas and make this happen come on Jason Garret get crazy, get motivated, do something different Jason Garret, no more we have to execute, play Cowboy football clap, slap their butts laughing, blah, blah, blah , get fu#king angry Jason Garret, your shit doesn’t work, you need to unleash all these years of mediocrity and failure and turn into a nightmare for the opposing team, we are the Fu#king Dallas Cowboys we’ve waited long enough! DO IT NOW! Or your history!

  10. He's back!!! Been playing better each week!!!

  11. Its obvious giants is really one dimensional and thats run run run they trying to protect the rookie. So its safe to say lee job was fully focused on run run run lol. The rookie was hella inconsistent and late on alot of throws . Lee no threat to no elite offense

  12. He's always been the best but just can't stay healthy

  13. He’s way smarter then jaylon and vander esh, but the youngings are more durable and more athletic 🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. 👍🏾 Lee was solid!
    The more he plays now the more he can help you down the stretch.
    Hope he comes back next year.

  15. When healthy Sean Lee is an HOFer!

  16. Sean lee is tony romo on the other side of the ball ace when he's on the feild

  17. Thanks law for the sean lee film breakdown
    Its lit🔥🔥🔥

  18. I love and thinks saun lee is at his best playing middle then the outsides reason is because he's a good qb spy and he can read the screen passes he needs to stay. The middle and let jaylon n LV run the outsides

  19. Thank god Lee Roy Jordan Jr. resigned with the DC because Bellychick was going to sign him for an amazon discount and secure another SB

  20. I love Robert Quinns attitide!

  21. When he’s healthy he’s the best. Plain and simple. No one can match him. No one.

  22. Defensive player of the week

  23. Tha General is back!!!!!! that's how to read and react!!;;;

  24. Shawn is a beast, but when VanderEsch replaced him after his injury, that dude stood out on the screen. VanderEsch is a beast in is own right, and I'd have to go with him over Lee. But if I could play all 3 I would. But in a 2 linebacker set, I'm rolling with Smith and VanderEsch.

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