✭ Cowboys' Leighton Vander Esch ruled out vs Bears | Could Be A Season Ending Injury!

It’s a game the Dallas Cowboys need to win for a couple reasons. First, they need to create more space between themselves and the second-place Philadelphia …


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  1. It's only a neck sting play thru pain I know he's tougher then this lee need to step it up smith spy the quarterback and lee drop back in pass coverage tired of seeing cowboys defense get carved up cowboys show us that hot boys can get at the quarterback and get interceptions or more fumbles

  2. Neck injuries ain't no joke. I have a neck injury from a car wreck, and its life altering. I feel bad for LVE

  3. Every Cowboy fan knows that Jerry is the REAL problem with our team. No owner would keep a clapper on the sidelines for 10 years. No owner talks to the team before & after each game. No one want's to see the owner period. It's like seeing your boss after & before each game. Just stay away, far away and take the clapper with you.
    Worst GM in the history of the NFL. Keeping the worst coaches every year and expecting to win. If we lose tonight could the camera show Jerry squirming in his booth, that would make my night knowing that he feels like shit. Then he can go and mumble some pure shit to the camera. "Oh I still believe we can run the table to the S.B." What a baboon we have for an owner. His head is full of cabbage and no one believes in what he's selling.

  4. I dont see how you can hurt that kneck. Huge.

  5. What exactly is it? Nerve damage? Bone?? No info other then 'neck injury'

  6. More like a career threatening your neck is nothing to play with

  7. Beating the Bears 🐻 tonight will go a long ways for Jason Garrett

  8. This is what you need to know, the Cowboys won’t need LVE in tonight’s game vs the Bears – Because the are the better, and the Cowboys going dominate the game with their offense- That means the Cowboys is going to do what they wanna do on the NFL football field in tonight’s game – Look 👀 for both Dak and Zeke along with Amari Cooper and Cowboys Offensive line to take over this entire game tonight- Cowboys win it 💯

  9. This isn’t season ending for the Cowboys LB – Some of these are FIXED, because if LVE was on the NFL football field against either New England or Buffalo Bills, the Cowboys would’ve won them games

  10. Speaking of LB’s why has ROBERT QUINN been M.I.A. the past few weeks?? Smh

  11. Was hoping for better news on L.V.E. He's good with potential to be great. I pray it's not career ending for him

  12. We should have never let Rolando McClain go

  13. Law, your point about the coaches not knowing how to utilize two backs in the backfield is why Garret has to go.

  14. I watched LVE play many times in Boise. The neck injury didn't stop him from pounding players to the ground. I just hope he recovers and is back on the field.

  15. Exactly what I was thinking about the running backs not utilizing them…

  16. This season is a bust,let him sit out

  17. Law whatever happened to that linebacker we had that broke an arm or something in training camp?

  18. I thought that neck protector was supposed to protect him.

  19. Is he suppose to be shawn Lee's replacement? If he is hopefully this is not a examples of seasons to come.( injured each season)

  20. Neck Injuries since college.

  21. I'm not opposed to the idea of drafting a LB in the 1st or 2nd round. Whatever the severity is for his injury, I think they're playing it safe and letting him take time to heal.

  22. we are who we though he was, if you wanna crown…

  23. How bad was that neck stinger? haha

  24. Dat boi told us Law💯💯

  25. U the goat Law 🛸💧

  26. Tomorrow is the day Dallas’ defense makes Mitch look like a high quality QB.

  27. 🙏🏽 up For LVE he’s a good young LB

  28. LVE get better homie, sad news. On another with Jerry I heard the big announcement was he made T-Shirts that says Clappers will clap to boost Merch Sales in the month of DEC. See yah LAW.

  29. Could be the end of lve

  30. Sean lee 2.0 for sure prepare for only 10-12 game starts per season for the next decade if he even last that long 😢 shoulda drafted Evans instead
    Neck injuries are no joke at all

  31. He got neck injury from college.

  32. Damn! Gonna be a rough game! Missing a lot of key players! And if the kicker has to win it we are screwed! Maybe if we just taking delay of game penalties until it becomes a 63yd

  33. Man thank god for Luka and the Mavs!!!

  34. Was there a specific clip of when this neck injury occurred?

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